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  • Our concessions to America are being strictly observed and will be until explicitly revoked.
  • The citizen soldiery of America are accustomed to adopt summary measures with impunity.
  • Few beggars in America are, probably, so ill provided with the appliances of life.
  • These hunters, in the back-settlements of America, are as persevering as savages, and as indolent.
  • The wild animals, in this part of America, are neither numerous, nor troublesome.
  • France and England are rich in gasolene motor power, and supplies from America are open to them.
  • Here in America are the hills and valleys, the rivers and mountains that I know and care for.
  • Our own fig trees in North America are but sprawling parasitic trees, unable to stand alone.
  • Even the uncivilized Indians of South America are different from those in the United States.
  • All these quaint and tragic records of the quickening of conscience in America are carefully filed away.
  • His "Barbara Villiers" and his "History of Money in America" are very important.
  • Many of the suicides in America are slandered by fanatics of the temperance society, as being caused by intemperance.
  • A few very crude eating spoons, about the size of the dessert spoon of America, are found in most dwellings.
  • Our own views and those of America are radically divergent, and no mere one-sided discussion between us can bridge the gulf.
  • In fact operatic productions, as now given in America, are as complete and luxurious as any performances given anywhere in the world.
  • The chinook winds, as they are termed in America, are marked examples of the influence exerted by mountains on climatic conditions.
  • When the boys and girls of America are going to bed the boys and girls of Arabia are thinking of getting up.
  • Mulattoes and the half-breeds of India and America are striking examples of the deterioration to which such racial disparity gives rise.

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  • In America are spies.
  • We in America are very slow to appreciate it.
  • The women of America are knitting as never before.
  • His services in America are well known.
  • The cities of America are inexpressibly tedious.
  • The final result perhaps we in America are to decide.
  • So many of our big business men in America are.
  • The contributions from South America are few.
  • THE women of America are aroused as never before.
  • As I said before, Russia and America are very much alike.
  • Merely you will disappear until my affairs in America are terminated.
  • The most interesting recollections of America are attached to this edifice.
  • Nine out of ten short stories written in America are snoopopathic.
  • The young women of America are for the most part very self-reliant.
  • Those of them who know about free and happy America are looking to us for help.
  • She thinks that she and America are perfect, but puts herself first.
  • These handshakes of America are very confusing to those of Europe.
  • My letters from America are none later than the 24th of April.
  • In the main, however, the lecture halls of America are rather fine affairs.
  • And the products of Central and South America are all about.
  • Dr. Franklin and others, the greatest characters of America, are members of it.
  • Australia and New Zealand, and to a lesser extent South America, are cut off.
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