Americana In A Sentence

How To Use Americana In A Sentence?

  • Cassia americana procumbens herbacea, mimosæ foliis, floribus parvis, siliquis angustis planis.
  • Warbler, blue yellow-backed, OR northern parula warbler (Compsothlypis americana usneae).

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Americana | Americana Sentence

  • Aloë americana polygona.
  • Aloe americana sobolifera.
  • Oxys americana erectior.
  • Compsothlypis americana usneæ.
  • Ananas americana sylvestris altera minor.
  • Lupulus sylvestris americana claviculis donata.
  • Quale americana tu riconosci a occhio?
  • Viscago americana noctiflora, antirrhini folio.
  • Cortusa americana altera, floribus minutim fimbriatis.

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