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  • It can be done amicably without a lawsuit.
  • Madame Beattie went amicably on.
  • Sir Wilfrid smiled amicably and diverted the conversation.
  • Then the Pardoner and the Friar go off amicably together.
  • Rupture with Costa Rica amicably settled, 123.
  • She found Mrs. de Burgh quite amicably disposed.
  • We talked politics and fraternised very amicably for more than an hour.
  • The affair was eventually amicably arranged and the citation recalled.
  • The offer is accepted, and so the matter is amicably settled.
  • Most happy was Lenz, when he came, to find everything so amicably settled.
  • So I thus amicably beseech him--!
  • But it can be amicably arranged now," said Siegburg consolingly.

How To Use Amicably In A Sentence?

  • For some months the two parties got along amicably together and fished side by side.
  • The biggest kind of practical joke would be settled amicably at the saloon after the usual style.
  • They sat silent, and the smoke from their pipes joined amicably in a blue vapor above their heads.
  • Finally, tired of disputing, and remorseful for their acrimony, they dined amicably together.
  • It seems, then, that the bearers of the flag were amicably received by the Indians.
  • He parted quite amicably from de Marmont, promising to call in upon him in the morning.
  • Goodhue and Dalrymple, it developed, were parting, amicably enough as far as any one knew.
  • In one corner, a knot of Italians talked, amicably no doubt, in their rapid, quarrelsome manner.
  • People would shake down amicably into the available dwellings with the least possible friction and disturbance.
  • He is the manager of only one cannery here, and there are several others all working amicably together.
  • Commines asserts that the two princes directed their people to behave amicably to each other and that the commands were scrupulously obeyed.
  • Both appeared to have forgotten all about the subject over which they had been negotiating, and conversed amicably on neutral topics.
  • She made her sit down by her on an ottoman, and began talking to her as amicably as if she had known her a long time.
  • May people honestly and amicably differ about the interpretation of the constitution or of a law, in a particular case?
  • Fortunately, however, the whole matter was amicably adjusted and there was no need for action.
  • It was my desire to amicably trade my wife off to him for his charming sister, but the deal hangs fire.
  • They have striven mightily and manfully in business and politics, but mingled amicably in social intercourse.
  • In this wise a matter which might have caused us much delay and vexation was quickly and amicably disposed of.
  • They walk amicably along together, conversing, though there is something of an air of constraint between them.
  • He found the whole party sitting up, and very amicably discussing the new acquaintance, who had pleased them all so much.
  • If it had not pleased the Bishop to interfere, all would have been amicably arranged from the first.
  • Not the question of the garden, which had been complicated by all sorts of little mistakes, or it would have been amicably settled long ago.
  • Soon after my trying interview, however, explanations followed, and the two physicians amicably adjusted the affair.
  • Daisy came to help with her trowel, and together they worked, amicably enough but without a word, till the task was done.
  • Like the Greek nymphs, veele could also be amicably disposed; and on occasions they assisted the heroes.
  • We arranged the terms of our campaign, trudging amicably in the snow, which now, with the approach of morning, began to fall to purpose.
  • It is hoped that other pending claims of American citizens against that Republic may be amicably adjusted.
  • Surely, they suggested, the matter might be easily arranged; a few slight concessions on either side, and all might be amicably adjusted.

Definition of Amicably

friendly; in an amicable manner. | characterized by an absence of antagonism, especially in commonly difficult situations | out-of-court
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