Amid In A Sentence

Definition of Amid

Surrounded by; in the middle of; in the center of.

How To Use Amid In A Sentence?

  • Now they were encompassed with shawls; and now they were amid colonnades of rolls of carpet.
  • Putting spurs to his horse and bending low over his neck he escaped amid a shower of bullets.
  • She left the house amid the whistling of balls, one of which killed one of her servants.
  • O-liver sitting down amid thunders of applause let his eyes go for the moment to Jane.
  • Late that night I found myself alone with Margaret amid the debris of the gathering.
  • It is amid its storms and tribulations that a man learns to be something more than an inhabited dress-suit.
  • A yellow something lay amid the dust and rubbish, which on inspection turned out to be a gold pencil-case.
  • However, in the open air and amid the general emotion, this modest overture performed its part acceptably.
  • The light which irradiated the image of Patty transfigured the events and circumstances amid which he moved.
  • His resolute countenance gave them hope; his resonant voice rang out strong and clear amid the clamour and spurred them to resist.
  • Men talk about courage on the battle-field, the facing of danger amid the conflict of armed hosts, and the crash of battle.
  • The seamen had scarcely dipped their oars a second time, when a sudden glancing of arms amid the sand-hills warned the troops to expect opposition.
  • One hand clutched his shirt collar, the other hand brandished the pig, and amid the vast uproar of a delighted kingdom she royally swatted him.
  • Moreover, he had not been very well of late, and he had felt that he should be rather a drag amid the gayeties of the London season.
  • Here the gaunt cliffs rise to great wild gardens, draped with soft rose and poignant red amid drowsy undertones of gray and green and gold.
  • Such were the inspiring thoughts amid which the boys in field gray trooped off to die for Kaiser and Empire.
  • The walls and pillars stand bare, the roof has gone, and half the tower, whose bells lie buried on the ground amid the wreckage.
  • But as we grow older we see how much greater he was when, seated amid the ruins, he sent his scornful message to Rome.
  • She knelt there amid the fallen leaves, her face raised, her lips parted, her eyes shining as surely never human eyes have shone before.
  • Nothing in all history surpasses the record of his indomitable courage and cheerfulness in the most hopeless situations, and amid the most frightful hardships.
  • Several others now came forward, amid mingled expostulations and encouragement; but Keith took the first two, and they prepared to enter.
  • This was drank amid renewed peals, with all the honors; and I had abundant time before the uproar was over, to wish every man of them hanged.
  • They would take her up to London for the season; and, amid the healthy excitement of balls and parties, her girlish fancy would evaporate.
  • He then went with his father to Flanders to study the profession of an officer amid active warfare; and, thus engaged, seven years soon passed.
  • The week of fate opened on Monday, July 27, amid general expectations that the worst had become inevitable.
  • Suddenly, amid the silence of the night and of her own thoughts, it seemed to her as if whispering voices and stealthy footsteps were approaching the doors of the pavilion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Amid | Amid Sentence

  • Overland sat down amid applause.
  • With the birds amid the ling.
  • He sat down amid boisterous applause.
  • To merry birds that sing amid the trees.
  • She stood unscathed amid the hail of stones and arrows.
  • The lights came on amid furious and genuine applause.
  • Pep was the first to discover a commotion amid the crowds ahead.
  • He was to be serious and silent amid mountains of feminine under linen.
  • They could anticipate his forlorn call amid that desolate scene.
  • It was amid such scenes that the Indian boy grew to manhood.
  • He sat down amid vociferous cries of "Hear!
  • And thou, a ghost, amid the entombing trees Didst glide away.
  • The larks still bravely singing, fly, Scarce heard amid the guns below.
  • I saw a thousand dreams,--yet One amid all dreaming.

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