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  • The husband amidst all this counts for not much.
  • I said amidst a rapture of applause.
  • The service concluded amidst profound silence.
  • The Americans fade out amidst their successes.
  • How soothingly it sounded amidst the rough contention of angry men.
  • The car drove off amidst a shower of shouts and calls and farewells.
  • He wooed me amidst the ice-plains, in a world of crystal glaciers.
  • And who would, who CAN, stand still amidst the universal rush?

How To Use Amidst In A Sentence?

  • The old and sick were everywhere dying by cold and hunger, and rotting amidst filth and vermin.
  • He saw the image stand amidst the floor All whitened now by labour done before.
  • Down he went steadily, amidst the laughter and chaff of his friends in the Engineers.
  • Southey, forgetting the ungentler theme of "battle field" amidst the sublimity of rock and lake.
  • But she clung round him, and in close embrace The twain were locked amidst that thronging place.
  • When evening closed around us that day, I found myself alone amidst a wild, weird scene.
  • At last, amidst the grey mists afar off, between sky and earth, I can just make out a dark speck.
  • He then proceeded to make and accomplished one of the most finished speeches to which I have ever listened, and sat down amidst a perfect storm of cheers.
  • In the second and third rounds this proved to be the case and the contest came to an end amidst applause.
  • They were all in the orchestra placed as closely as possible, amidst a perfect grove of music-stands.
  • Napier was most reluctantly obliged to refuse, and the captives again returned amidst the sorrowful anticipations of the camp.
  • The slender curve of the new moon was also visible brightening amidst the fading brightness of the sunny part of the sky.
  • The alternate movement of the saw, which had for a time ceased, now recommenced amidst the rushing of the stream.
  • Most of them had been born amidst perils, reared in the forest, and taught from their childhood to hate the oppressors of their race.
  • His voice was as a sudden wind springing up amidst solitary leaves, it was so fitful, so vaguely sweet.
  • It is true, amidst all these turbulent means of security to their system, very great discontents everywhere prevail.
  • But, amidst minor diversities, we have found many ideas which are universal both in savage and civilised myths.
  • I entered the ball-room amidst a buzz and flutter, which generally took place among the young ladies on my appearance.
  • One first sees the light in the haunts of vice and crime, amidst the corruptions which fester away down in the depths of a great city.
  • Then he took his penknife from his pocket, opened it, and blandly cut the hat in pieces, amidst prolonged applause.
  • Vast grey rocks, sparkling with long icicles, raised here and there their sharp peaks like breakers amidst a snowy sea.
  • Over the silent snow-sheeted lake, over the dark isles and the cedar shores, the moon was shining amidst a deep blue sky.
  • Then, amidst a clapping of hands which sounded faint and far-off, he followed his opponent to the ring, and ducked under the ropes.
  • Just at that moment we descried smoke rising amidst the trees on the right shore, and soon saw the poles of Indian lodges.
  • Dimly luminous trams were gliding amidst a dotted line of lamps, and two little trains crawled into Waterloo station.
  • I see the stencilled names and numbers go up on the green baize, constituency after constituency, amidst murmurs or loud shouting....
  • The sailors therefore set her on fire, and then towed her consort out of the harbour, amidst a storm of shot and shell from the French batteries.
  • It could not be supposed that amidst such an era of tranquillity the army of England should have been allowed to remain in a very formidable position.
  • And at the last they brought him well to bay, Within an oozy space amidst the wood, About the which a ring of alders stood.
  • It was broad daylight when Myrtle awoke amidst the deep solitudes of the Schlossberg, beneath an old fir-tree overgrown with moss and lichen.
  • This difference of nationality deepened the strife between them, and many a deed of cruelty and bloodshed lies buried amidst the oblivion of that time in those distant regions.
  • How many a scarlet golden fish has of late perished in the mud amidst thee, cursing the genteel service and the genteel leader which brought him to such a doom!

Definition of Amidst

In the midst or middle of; surrounded or encompassed by; among.
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