Amiss In A Sentence

Definition of Amiss

Wrong; faulty; out of order; improper or otherwise incorrect. | (obsolete) Fault; wrong; an evil act, a bad deed. | Wrongly.

How To Use Amiss In A Sentence?

  • There is nothing so bad for a man as to be unable to tell what is amiss with him.
  • It is not amiss to hope that this is so and our family circle made indeed complete.
  • Apparently something had gone amiss with her and he halted, looking at her questioningly.
  • If any of his slaves behaved amiss he did not beat or use them ill, but parted with them.
  • But she only smiled and gave him a look of kindness, and said that nothing was amiss with her.
  • The mountain-bred girl obviously saw nothing amiss in this swift-footed justice.
  • Clem instantly became aware of something amiss in the atmosphere, and glanced around inquiringly.
  • But spring and youth was the time to be gay, and nothing came amiss to these light-hearted folk.
  • He out and in with her eagerly danced, But nothing amiss in her movements he glanced.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Amiss | Amiss Sentence

  • Nothing came amiss to her.
  • What is amiss with our steppes?
  • But there was something amiss with him.
  • I hope there is nothing amiss with you.
  • No subject comes amiss to him.
  • Nothing in the shape of fun came amiss to him.
  • Durst thou but look amiss at my allowance?
  • But still he of nothing amiss was aware.
  • He certainly will not take amiss my sending him the part.
  • At the thought of anything amiss with her, presto!
  • We can hardly choose amiss among the portrait sketches.
  • Somehow or other, the world has gone amiss with me lately.
  • What was amiss with Herbert?
  • In some women, nothing seems amiss but too intense passion.
  • Nor was there anything amiss on that first Sunday.
  • He was powerful, adroit, active; no work came amiss to him.
  • I fancy that's what's amiss with the two Smiths yonder.
  • What's amiss with my face?
  • What's amiss with thy back?
  • There is another at which it may not be amiss to cast a glance.
  • Intuition of something amiss sent her to the door before he reached it.
  • Nothing could have come amiss to the doctor in that dawn of happiness.
  • I hope you wouldn't take it amiss my asking you this.
  • For he is as waxen as the first matter, and no form comes amiss to him.
  • He could not run amiss of it, for the black headlines were too prominent.
  • Yet he cannot take it amiss if I find in them a compliment to myself also.
  • I see that you take it amiss that I jest about such serious matters.
  • It wouldn't ha' been amiss to have had a bite with me on the way....
  • We truly repent of all we may have done amiss in Thy lower world.
  • Perhaps the "Commandor" guesses that something is amiss with me.
  • It may not be amiss to enumerate one or two adventures in which I was engaged.

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