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  • But how interminable is the confusion among them?
  • What then is the distinction among men?
  • My calm companion was among those who did.
  • Birds swayed among the blossoming branches of the trees.
  • It is not exactly just to rank Hall among the Arminians.
  • Passengers and crew were all saved and among them a beautiful young girl.
  • A murmur of surprise and incredulity began to spread among the huntsmen.
  • So every one said among my choral contemporaries afterwards.
  • He comes among a crowd of temptations adapted to his innate evil propensities.
  • The Rima burrows in every direction among these primeval mountains.
  • Towards morning they found themselves among the Carpathian Alps.
  • I spun many yarns; among others the tale of Jim Wolf and the Cats.

How To Use Among In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps it was better that the musician then only sought for sympathy among his own kind.
  • There were eight of them, and at one time and another they broke fourteen arms among them.
  • The Dutch Resident finds ample employment, owing to the mania for litigation among the Ambonese.
  • There is a general agreement among those who have enjoyed the experience that surf-riding is productive of great exhilaration.
  • Born and reared among slaves and slaveholders, he was yet an abolitionist from his boyhood to his death.
  • I looked up wistfully at him, among the basses, and endeavored to persuade him with my eyes to come down.
  • But we may produce many instances of suffering among human beings, which are not a punishment for sin.
  • The sound of the approaching footsteps startles away a grey wolf from among the tombs, the sole inhabitant of that desolation.
  • Now a stream poured down the staircase, all gentlemen, and most of them passed out, nodding and laughing among themselves.
  • With these words the two shapes glided hastily out of the cavern, and vanished in different directions among the thickets of the wood.
  • Startled by the cries of the pursuers, scores and scores of hares and foxes dart away among the trees in every direction.
  • The flanking troops were creeping stealthily on behind the mill-dam and among the maize-fields in order to take the foe in the rear.
  • The little children cry out for joy if they chance to find an occasional scarlet or mottled maize knob among so many yellow ones.
  • A transient cult sprang up among the Javanese populace as the ancient sanctuary revealed itself anew.
  • Patricia demurred, feeling suddenly rather small and insignificant in her girlish white net frock among all the glittering costumes about her.
  • The Timariot infantry straggle behind, and quarrel among themselves about the booty which they carry on their shoulders.
  • There was a rusty and empty old revolver lying on the table, among the "properties" employed in the performances.
  • We had twelve journals on our list; they were all weeklies, all obscure and poor, and all scattered far away among the back settlements.
  • Then the tempest gradually passed away, sighing and moaning around the windows, and finally dying away among the distant forests.
  • She drew it down into her hand, and, almost as airily as he moved, glided in among the crowd, which soon divided us from her.
  • The rest of the speckled little pigs scattered squeaking among the reeds, while the two old ones, savagely grunting, advanced to the attack.
  • The turbaned graves, with their coffin-like slabs, peer forth, ghastly white, from among the dark weeping-willows.
  • In 1845, when I was ten years old, there was an epidemic of measles in the town and it made a most alarming slaughter among the little people.
  • Both of these principles are conceded by those who will be among the foremost, in all probability, to deny the conclusion which necessarily flows from them.
  • There had been no interruption of his vacation, as yet, and there was no likelihood that an interruption of it would occur while he should still be among the living.
  • Several copies of this impression found their way into this country, and created a prodigious sensation among the members of a school then in all its glory.
  • Yet this definition of the freedom of the will, though so superficially false, is precisely that which has found the most general acceptance among necessitarians.
  • In that day it was a great thing among the boys to have hair of so flexible a sort that it could be flung back in that way, with a flirt of the head.

Definition of Among

Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. (See Usage Note at amidst.) | Denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group. | Denotes a sharing of a common feature in a group.
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