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How To Use Among Many In A Sentence?

  • Josiah had to stand the hectoring and nagging that thitherto had been distributed among many.
  • Among many primitive peoples it is the woman who takes the initiative in courtship.
  • There is an opinion among many farmers that sandy soils should not be plowed deep.
  • From among many quotable passages the following may be selected for their energy.
  • Order and cohesion were lost among many of the regiments, but the men stood firm.
  • No attitude can be less scientific than his, or more common among many men of science.
  • For there our religious is properly a hermit, although he may live among many people.
  • To choose the best, among many good, is one of the most hazardous attempts of criticism.
  • Prosperity, among many other evils, engenders religious apathy, and luxurious selfishness.
  • The maid, who would have shone among many women, looked stiff and dull by contrast.
  • The deplorable riot at Jamalpore, with its terrible sequel, is only one among many such scenes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Among Many | Among Many Sentence

  • But this was just one possibility among many.
  • At all events it is the strongest among many.
  • These are only a few striking examples among many.
  • This is only one example among many.
  • She is the one righteous among many.
  • This is one example among many others.
  • This was one evening among many of its like.
  • Two instances stand out in my recollection among many.
  • Impression among many that judge is going for acquittal.
  • This kind of tale is current among many people.
  • He found himself the only young man among many girls.
  • The moral aspect is but one among many that life wears.
  • We saw a particularly fine temple among many others.
  • She would have known Mustard among many other ponies.
  • Moreover, Flora was one among many.
  • And here, among many others, Dr. Sandford and I sat down.
  • Among many inscriptions some interesting items will be found.
  • Among many comical disputes the funniest is that about superstitions.
  • It is only one instance among many of his extraordinary vital force.
  • And now they met with their greatest among many pieces of luck that day.
  • Among many wicked and ingenious expedients three main methods are remarkable.
  • She saw among many a young hunter driving a cart loaded with venison.
  • The following, the first among many, may serve as a specimen.
  • The following is one instance, among many, which we could adduce.
  • An unimportant incident, among many others, confirmed his surmises.
  • And he was, when all was said and done, but one among many strange young men.
  • He was worshipped along with these others, as One among many.
  • But he's so much run after; I am but one among many.
  • One instance, among many which I could produce, may serve as a specimen.
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