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  • It made her amorous and malignant.
  • Where browsed the amorous fillies.
  • Why is the lady bikist of an amorous disposition?
  • And the amorous deep lids divine.
  • He even wrote her amorous letters.
  • They are as amorous of glaring colours as negresses.
  • Who minds such thing in happy amorous hour?
  • And amorous zephyr, lo!
  • She paused to fling an amorous glance upon him.
  • Such force and virtue hath an amorous look.
  • It is more than amorous fury, it is desperate lust.
  • Snatches a thousand kisses, in amorous extasy biting.
  • His constitutional amorous propensities, too, are fiction.
  • These oily and amorous monks of the Wey.
  • In this stilted and amorous atmosphere, Mme.
  • With her amorous boy, Cries, dear sir!
  • But in the midst of our amorous occupations we were called to dinner.
  • He is the god of sudden death; he is amorous and revengeful.
  • In the mornings he always got up somewhat less amorous than in the evening.
  • Indeed, the idea of the amorous serenader continually haunted his mind.
  • Needless to say, the terrace was much frequented by amorous couples.
  • Hence very amorous men prefer quiet, modest and reserved women.
  • The philosopher cricket continues his song, the amorous toad his poem.
  • At such times its long-drawn note or whistle becomes a rich, amorous warble.

How To Use Amorous In A Sentence?

  • There was something physically nauseating to her in those amorous echoes from the tonneau.
  • The display of amorous emotion on the part of both was too open to escape notice.
  • And she was handsome and in the prime of her youth; and she was amorous and bent on frolicking.
  • Thus do the amorous insects declare their flame and win the consent of the hesitating fair.
  • Susceptible from his tender youth, he showed no ambition in the bestowal of his amorous homage.
  • I knew very well what to think of it all, for the intrigue was sure to have an amorous issue.
  • This is the fatal condition of his love: apparently a characteristic of amorous dukes.
  • Yes... but an amorous intrigue in this part of the world can have terrible consequences.
  • Men by nature love virtue, and for a life companion naturally shun an amorous woman.
  • She soon came down with the pretty boarder, who feebly sustained my part in her amorous ecstacies.
  • She carries with her a delicious atmosphere of intoxication, victorious, amorous youth.
  • The jungle reverberates with their cries of rage, jealousy, and amorous delight.
  • The poor lady presents us with chunks of meat and informs us that they are amorous men and women.
  • They spoke in low tones, lovers and amorous lovers even in the middle of humdrum confidences.
  • They give way to melancholy, indulge in amorous rhapsodies, and become very emaciated.
  • And the amorous tale that awakes the ideas of twenty five, lulls old age to sleep.

Definition of Amorous

Inclined or having a propensity to love, or to sexual enjoyment. | Indicating love or sexual desire. | Of or relating to, or produced by, love.
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