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  • The tiger-wolf has a certain amount of daintiness in its appetite when in a state of nature.
  • The amount of tea and goor they took away and consumed with benefit to themselves was surprising.
  • There is a moderate amount of yolk, but this does not form a large ventral bulge.
  • No amount of influence brought to bear upon its feelings, may be sufficient to transform its will.
  • Between her questions she gave me a vast amount of information for which I had no possible use.
  • I did not feel respectable, but I got a certain amount of satisfaction out of feeling safe.
  • The Happy Family had been friends as well as patrons, and without friends what did life amount to?
  • The total amount granted for aviation of the navy in 1912 (fiscal year) was 100,000 yen (L10,000).
  • And we might measure the extent of his kindness by the amount of the indebtedness which he had forgiven.
  • She had just that amount of self-possession which conceals without conquering the sweet timidity of woman.
  • In such a winding there would be no waste of space and a maximum amount of metal employed as a conductor.
  • Any one of these three ways can be used to get some idea of the amount of current which is received.
  • Both observations in this test show that the amount of current entering and emerging from the line decreased as the inductance increased.
  • Personal contact with a king is more effective in removing baleful prejudices than is any amount of argument drawn from tales and histories.
  • Their whole army did not amount to 20,000 men, 4,000 of whom were left in the trenches and with the baggage.
  • He had come to begrudge every stick of firewood, and it took an incredible amount to heat wash-water.
  • Her nose had an amount of hook, too, that always gave me the feeling of having a wild hawk in the room with me.
  • An interrupted or alternating current of proper frequency and amount will produce in it a musical tone which can be heard throughout a large room.
  • All currents above this critical amount will operate the arrester; the larger the current, the shorter the time of operating.
  • This is cited as a case wherein a current, normal in amount but abnormal in duration, becomes a hazard.
  • In a word, she has expressed the very spirit of music in language, and in a language so pure and adoring as to amount to worship.
  • He had been introduced to a man who operated a string of summer resort motion picture shows, and he had gleaned an immense amount of information.
  • It had taken a large amount of capital to raise our own walls; it would take a still larger to induce our neighbors to remove theirs.
  • Burns ploughed with four horses, being twice the amount of power now required on most of the soils of Scotland.
  • Andy always brings back the parchment on which the Tartar marks down the amount received and the amount still due.
  • A liberal amount of water dashed in his face aided him to recover consciousness, and in a short time he sat up and favored us with a scowl.
  • This amount would be twenty times 7.489, which is 149.8, but there is no size giving this exact resistance.
  • The tribute extorted after 1802 and the cost of keeping the ships in the Mediterranean amount at the lowest estimate to two millions more.
  • More accurately, the permeability is the ratio existing between the amount of magnetization and the magnetizing force which produces such magnetization.
  • He agreed to buy our Tennessee land for two hundred thousand dollars, pay a part of the amount in cash and give long notes for the rest.
  • When I could hear Fulk's happiness, and try to analyse it, what did it amount to?
  • The amount of it is, I have not been able to establish Sir Clarence's legitimacy.
  • This amount of electricity is a measure of the capacity of the plate, just as the amount of water that a bath-tub will hold is a measure of the capacity of the bath-tub.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Amount | Amount Sentence

  • What is the amount of the demands upon you?
  • She told me the exact amount of her income and the manner of its investment.
  • Hatchling tadpoles are active swimmers and have only a small amount of yolk.
  • He required so much less than the average amount of explanation.
  • How many of the selfish, pampered ones amount to a row of pins?
  • I went out to the war with a certain amount of respect for the Germans.
  • For the year 1913 the estimates amount was 100,000 yen (but not approved yet).

Definition of Amount

(intransitive, followed by to) To total or evaluate. | (intransitive, followed by to) To be the same as or equivalent to. | (obsolete, intransitive) To go up; to ascend.
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