Amphibious In A Sentence

Definition of Amphibious

Capable of functioning on land or in water. | Occurring on both land and water.

How To Use Amphibious In A Sentence?

  • In short, she had all her life been in an amphibious position, of the mountain desert and yet not of the mountain desert.
  • Throughout this campaign the army and navy of the Union worked together as a single amphibious force.
  • I will merely say, at this time, that the creature referred to is an amphibious biped and inhabits the ocean near this coast.
  • Years of practice will never make the faces of a pretty girl that I draw look less like an amphibious cow.
  • In such regions old-time sailors found fearsome monsters, amphibious reptiles larger than ships, and gnomes of demoniac aspect.
  • As his groans were so piteous, I refrained from a useless sacrifice of life, and left the amphibious horde in peace.
  • The third order of fairies was that of the Buccas, an amphibious species, to whom down to recent times offerings of fish were made.
  • Barnacles was experienced, but a vehicle such as this amphibious product of Sculpin Point he had never before seen.
  • The only amphibious animals are seals: These are to be found in great numbers about this bay on the small rocks and isles near the sea coast.
  • In time, no doubt, the Sandakan hills will be used to reclaim more land from the sea, and the town will cease to be an amphibious one.
  • I do not know any author, who has reckoned man among the amphibious race of animals, neither do I know any animal who better deserves it.
  • I have been all my life a sort of amphibious animal, having, like many an old Roman, learned to swim long before I had learned to read.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Amphibious | Amphibious Sentence

  • Cricketers need to be amphibious in these days.
  • The Chesters too passed amphibious days.
  • Emily Cortlandt did not come of amphibious stock.
  • The campaign that followed was typical of this amphibious war.
  • The merits of this amphibious animal are too well known to descant upon.
  • He is amphibious and agile and impudent, and altogether comical.
  • The march down Amphibious Creek was grandly beautiful as to scenery.

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