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  • To ampler fates that leads?
  • Still fearful of the ampler life.
  • Argue they sipping stale in ampler store.
  • He had ampler opportunities than any of his previous works afforded.
  • Sometimes one is ampler and more detailed, sometimes the other.
  • Under the light of this conception, man appeared an ampler being.

How To Use Ampler In A Sentence?

  • It certainly seems unfair that officers of your importance should not receive ampler remuneration.
  • His adventures would be the adventures of the mind in search of ampler modes of expression.
  • With ampler views rewarded, till, at length, Lo, the round world is compassed!
  • The account, ampler though it is than the others, does not reveal the true inwardness of the different religious positions.
  • So, if we have no ampler places to cultivate with reverence and love, let us betake ourselves to the hanging gardens on our roof.
  • Habit on an ampler scale, and carried out in the strictly intellectual range, is recollection and memory, whereof we shall speak later.
  • By the ampler feel of things, and the easing of the slope, he knew they were out of the cutting, and presently they were passing Plaisance.
  • Jonathan, despite his bald head, his diminutive stature, his ample pot-belly, and ampler nose, was a man of fine feelings.
  • It may be mentioned that Mrs. Delmer was not in the habit of witnessing revues, and was accustomed to an ampler mode of garment.
  • Once let the minds even of a few men be imbued with an ampler view of this relation, and it is scarcely possible to estimate the good that may follow.
  • It is our habit elsewhere in all quarters to recognize beyond ourselves an ampler knowledge, a maturer judgment, a more efficient will enacting our own choice.
  • Even then he was fluent enough in all conscience; but he did not so overdo the ornaments, and the absence of a manuscript and a pulpit-desk gave ampler scope for oratorical movement.
  • Intelligence therefore gives proof of wider choice and ampler authority in the use of intuitions when it treats them as designatory (significative) rather than as symbolical.
  • His material becomes a little ampler from the reign of Antiochus the Great, because from this point the Greek historians serve him better.
  • Not many years ago the compiler saw traces of the holes the poet had cut in the skirting-boards of the room for their ingress and egress, that they might have ampler room for wandering.
  • Isabel, while planning your baby-cloaths, or loitering among your flowers, you seem to forget that life admits of more exalted pleasures and ampler scenes of duty.

Definition of Ampler

comparative form of ample: more ample
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