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  • He was only amusing himself.
  • How sweet and amusing of him!
  • For a time it was mighty amusing to her.
  • The amusing must appear to be earnest.
  • He understood the amusing if mysterious comedy now.
  • We could cite many amusing illustrations.
  • I remember an amusing case that occurred in our own family.
  • He was an amusing fellow, this Solling.
  • I do not know why I could not laugh at this amusing trick.
  • An amusing tale comes from Edinburgh, in this connection.
  • Burke, in his amusing "Anecdotes of the Aristocracy," etc.
  • They had seen an amusing correspondence in the papers about it.
  • And you have been amusing yourself watching the street ever since?
  • All this was delivered from the bottom step with a most amusing gravity.
  • But thus far he has simply been amusing himself on a grand scale.
  • What was most amusing was the cool, reasonable tone of this amazing project.
  • This art of writing mildly amusing notice-boards was not confined to Gnatong.
  • An amusing instance will be found in the Parliamentary Debates.
  • And she went on amusing and providing for M. Auguste and working for us.

How To Use Amusing In A Sentence?

  • He was fond of amusing himself with children, and would join in all their little sports.
  • The waspish little mutiny was so amusing that Si had to smile in spite of himself.
  • You are quite as unjust, and not so amusing or clever in your injustice in England.
  • The making of the dolls in this story is one of the prettiest and most amusing spots in the traditions.
  • While amusing ourselves with reconnoitring this group, we noticed one in particular who appeared to be the oracle.
  • No creatures are more amusing in zoological gardens to children, who wonder at their climbing powers.
  • And much ingenuity with a little money is vastly more profitable and amusing than much money without ingenuity.
  • For the same reason for which you call me dear at the end of a sentence like that: for want of something more amusing to do.
  • No one even understands the art of teaching and amusing them at the same time, nor even how to feed them.
  • The aeronauts made an amusing landing on a housetop, little the worse for their sudden drop of several thousand feet.
  • He had become almost a part of their daily existence, and seeing him was certainly quite the most amusing and exciting experience she had ever had.
  • Some more quaintly amusing chronicles that carry Rebecca through various stages to her eighteenth birthday.
  • It was in this city of Bristol that the following somewhat amusing and certainly interesting incident took place.
  • I had no thought of amusing myself, no thought of seeking here the happiness which up till now I seem to have missed.
  • On these long runs after horses the men took their footballs and kept them going, saying it made the journey amusing and less tiresome.
  • Hence, at times, the amusing outbreaks of temper in word and gesture that only strengthened the natural, the invincible force of the spell.
  • Childish as it may be called, a fancy ball is certainly, for the first half-hour at all events, an amusing scene.
  • King Ingiald finds it vastly amusing to burn up half a dozen kings in a hall, after getting them drunk.
  • This puzzle is in reality another of the games with which the Great Onalba was fond of amusing himself.
  • It was as well perhaps that overhead Haidee suddenly decided that helping to get lunch would be more amusing than making beds.
  • A lively and amusing story, dealing with the adventures of eighteen jovial, big hearted Montana cowboys.

Definition of Amusing

Entertaining. | Funny, hilarious. | present participle of amuse
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