Amy In A Sentence

How To Use Amy In A Sentence?

  • There had been a time when he had liked to think of Amy as presiding over his table.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Amy | Amy Sentence

  • And he had wanted Amy with him.
  • Winifred and Amy had gone up.
  • The mature Amy presided.
  • That seemed to Amy the heart of it.
  • Fear had for weeks kept Amy company.
  • Murray had missed Amy very much and he told her so.
  • If Amy did not believe it she made no sign.
  • At first Amy made no reply.
  • By this time Amy had reached the group.
  • Yvonne turned toward Amy with a smile.
  • How would he ever make Amy understand about that?
  • Nous irons ca chiez vng mien amy et passerons ceste eaue.
  • No one replied as Amy snatched it from his hand.
  • The carriage was out of sight when Amy finally pushed on.
  • Poor Amy buried her face and her grief in the bed-curtain.
  • Before Amy could reply she felt her arm seized from behind.
  • They all felt better on hearing this, and Amy even laughed.
  • With drawings by Amy Hogeboom.
  • Whereat both Amy and Priscilla laughed loudly.
  • He had the same kind of mind as Amy and Ethel.
  • Within, Amy and Annie were just going to bed.
  • On Amy and Tom all his rare goodness was thrown away.
  • That day Amy and I dined alone together.
  • She had once been the Amy Lee of Langley.
  • My dear Amy and I shall never part, doctor.
  • After leaving little Louis, Amy pedalled along leisurely.
  • Edited by Amy F. Rowland.
  • Colored leaves; a book of 90 sonnets, by Amy Woodward.
  • Her name, when first entering the world, was Amy Lyon.
  • Remember me to Amy McCarthy and to the Blessingtons.
  • Like poor Amy Robsart, in the solitary halls of Cumnor.
  • When they were gone Murray sent for Amy Bronson, the nurse.
  • Contemporary Account of the Funeral of Amy Robsart.
  • SEE Fisher, Amy Woodward.
  • SEE Benson, Amy Warburton.
  • Grace and Amy were in each other's arms.
  • Long ago, by John Franklin Waddell & Amy Perry.
  • There'll be Amy to look after the others.
  • A moment later she had come over to Amy and was holding out her hand.

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