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  • She was an abandoned ship.
  • I considered her an abandoned and unfeeling female.
  • The street was like that of an abandoned city.
  • The morning light displayed an abandoned Russian camp.
  • It was, as I have said, an abandoned chapel.
  • It's a shack on an abandoned farm.
  • No; for her the woman is an abandoned creature and her husband a blackguard.
  • From where he stood, the house was dark and lonely as an abandoned habitation.
  • An hour later this trail petered out at an abandoned mine in the bad lands.
  • In the process of looking around, they came on an abandoned camp.
  • It was a mere shed, possibly an implement shed on an abandoned farm.
  • Scar-Face had met this chieftain by appointment at an abandoned ranch-house.
  • Eight miles below Buckley was an abandoned mining town named Campton.
  • The trail was an abandoned Indian path, narrow, and in places extremely steep.

How To Use An Abandoned In A Sentence?

  • Farland could see a building that had the appearance of being an abandoned farmhouse.
  • I tells him that an abandoned car is standing in front of our place with his number on it.
  • What could functioning machinery be doing at the bottom of an abandoned hole in the ground?
  • In the afternoon they came to an abandoned cabin, and dismounted to investigate.
  • He could vaguely make out the contours of an ash can or two and an abandoned wheelbarrow.
  • An abandoned rush must be as melancholy a sight to a miner as a deserted city to a townsman.
  • I have chosen to sink my money in these toys instead of in an abandoned farm or antique furniture.
  • A hunt by the boys leads to an abandoned mine, and there things start to happen.
  • The citizens, in much trepidation, lodged the tramps in an abandoned stove factory.
  • There was about it the air of an abandoned place, its long, gaunt porches open to wind and storm.
  • On their way they came to an abandoned Indian camp occupied by one poor old blind red man.
  • It remained for an abandoned corncrib to plunge him into his original fever of inspiration and remorse.
  • The only house nearby was an abandoned one and there were no others for some distance in either direction.
  • Maybe in an abandoned mine?" "No place," said Shearing, "is too deep for us to probe.
  • An aunt owned an abandoned farm and she said the family could live on this and use the place as they pleased.
  • But although times were beginning to improve, it still bore many of the earmarks of an abandoned camp.
  • But the old lye-leach is only to be found in ruins on an abandoned farm and we no longer burn wood at the rate of a log a night.
  • You will remember how, months ago, our machine landed on an abandoned trench, after being damaged in a scrap?
  • As a matter of fact, he was just then lying weak from loss of blood in a little, decrepit shanty on an abandoned claim.
  • Accordingly Pulaski guided his party at a run through the blinding smoke to an abandoned mine he knew of in the neighborhood.
  • The name is derived from an abandoned Coptic convent which existed among the ruins of the ancient building.
  • Then we packed up luncheon and set out for an abandoned pasture in our woods where we remembered the "yeller-top" grew thick.
  • James, who called our attention to the pile of boulders, said that some one threw off part in an abandoned attempt to dig the grave.
  • This was a great, bare, neglected spot, the site of an abandoned reservoir which had been of no use to anybody for twenty years.
  • An abandoned main logging-road, well grown to leafless moose-wood and witch-hobble, led them up from the lake.
  • In our line of retreat was an abandoned hut built by the charcoal burners, consisting of poles, with heather and fern for roof and sides.

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