An Address In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For An Address | An Address Sentence

  • Did you counterfeit an address to me?
  • Do you suppose such gentry have an address?
  • Prayer is not always a genuflexion and an address.
  • She wrote an address on a card and gave it to me.
  • Things we can believe in; an address.
  • Such an address would probably do no good at all.
  • Sabatini wrote an address upon a slip of paper.
  • The crime of poverty, an address.
  • To go off like that and not even leave me an address.
  • I do wish you would remember to leave an address.
  • The lips moved again; it was an address.
  • Myrtle avenue was an address a little difficult to find.
  • A new social order; an address.
  • At Lincoln they received an address.
  • The young man Washington, an address.
  • To which is added an Address on Baptism.
  • It was dated from an address on the East Side.
  • Almost inaudibly she gave an address in Kentish Town.
  • The first paragraph refers to an address I had made in May.
  • An Address by Henry Drummond.
  • Mr. Choate delivered an address to-day, in the Tabernacle.
  • Krazy makes an address, by Baron Ireland, pseud.
  • An address delivered in Philadelphia, Oct. 21, 1890.
  • With an Address to the Students on College Honor.
  • An address!
  • What an address!
  • The plate was up as an address rather than as an invitation to patients.
  • He was to send an address by and by to which letters could be forwarded.
  • He made an address which is famous in the annals of history.
  • There was no way for him to walk up to a native and inquire for an address.
  • He muttered an address to the driver and stepped heavily into the taxicab.
  • The older form of writing an address was to end each line with a comma.
  • Taking out a small card, he hurriedly scrawled an address upon it.
  • Hernandez gave an address to the driver, and the cab whirled away.

How To Use An Address In A Sentence?

  • And as she did so he scrawled an address upon the blank paper in which these letters were wrapt.
  • His absence without an address for four months caused me to suspect that he was.
  • The doors were closed and an address of loyalty was read aloud and then signed by all present.
  • A banquet was tendered to him, and a feature of the affair was an address by a priest.
  • They found help in an address-book containing a list of all the field formations.
  • He presided at a dinner given for the purpose of presenting an address to the manager of a bank.
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