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  • He is an epicure, and an analyst of sensations.
  • But when I need an analyst I'll go out and hire one.
  • "Only a minute ago you welcomed my efforts as an analyst."

How To Use An Analyst In A Sentence?

  • The impressions that the two would have conveyed to an analyst were action and reflection.
  • And all these things have been tested by an analyst, with the most painful results.
  • Each of these orders would, it is obvious, offer much scope to an analyst delighting in subtle gradation.
  • George Ripley says "Spencer is as keen an analyst as is known in the history of Philosophy.
  • To be most successful, an analyst should have ingenuity, patience, and that love of dividing a process into its component parts and studying each separate part that characterizes the analytic mind.
  • He was an analyst of the utmost skill, and for years he devoted himself to the determination of the combining weights, "equivalents" or "proportions," of the different elements.
  • An agricultural expert might have hinted at poor pasturage, but the farmer and his wife had other views as to the cause of the 'insufficiency of fats,' as an analyst would say, in the lacteal output of the establishment.
  • You know that when an abstinent young man decides upon illegitimate sex-intercourse, or when an unsatisfied woman seeks compensation from another man, they have generally not waited for the permission of a physician, far less of an analyst, to do this.
  • This judgment has been questioned at times by admirers of Hugo and Dumas, but on one point all students of French literature agree--that as an analyst of human character Honore de Balzac never has had a peer.
  • The Work of the Analyst--Determining Factor in Amount of Analysis--Field of Psychology in Analysis--Qualifications of an Analyst--Worker's Interest in Analysis--
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