An Attractive In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For An Attractive | An Attractive Sentence

  • It was an attractive thinness.
  • It was an attractive building.
  • The idea was an attractive one.
  • He was not an attractive specimen of mankind.
  • They made an attractive picture.
  • I cannot state that the locality is an attractive one.
  • On the way he passed an attractive door.
  • I said he was an attractive young man.
  • She naturally possessed an attractive personality.
  • What an attractive place this is, to be sure!
  • What an odd name, what an attractive girl!
  • They are not, in appearance, an attractive people.
  • An attractive, stylishly dressed young woman had halted.
  • First, an attractive circular, regardless of expense.
  • Yet, strange as it may seem, they are an attractive race.
  • There is an attractive club-house on the Lake Shore.
  • The mission-house was not an attractive or comfortable place.
  • She was a soprano with a beautiful voice but not an attractive personality.
  • She was a beautiful majestic woman with an attractive smile.
  • She is an attractive young girl, but she will not remain so.
  • Do you know what an attractive wife you've got?
  • He accepts almost any substitute offered to him in an attractive package.
  • A tone having no harmonics is rare in nature and is not an attractive one.
  • An attractive maid brings me orders to appear before my mistress.
  • You will find an attractive arrangement of small stars in its neighborhood.
  • But he was also the man whose weakness was an attractive woman.
  • The church is no longer a strange, but an attractive place to me.
  • In so immense a city it must be possible to find an attractive home.
  • To fight alone a powerful squadron was by no means an attractive prospect.
  • She was an attractive child, with rather a wistful little face.
  • He had an attractive young daughter, who met with a most heartrending end.

How To Use An Attractive In A Sentence?

  • In their unique and original binding they make an attractive novelty for a present.
  • Contains an attractive assortment of books for boys by standard and favorite authors.
  • Engineering enterprise has converted the mountain-side into an attractive residence centre.
  • It is not at all an attractive plant, though its blossoms are pleasantly fragrant.
  • It is not in itself an attractive title, but it accurately indicates the style of the book.
  • The wording should often be changed, and an attractive typography should be used.
  • It is a sort of complement to his examination of conscience, and should be an attractive exercise.
  • Men began to refer to the capital city as an attractive scene of debauch and amusement.
  • Gaily decked in bright colors, the grandstand presented an attractive appearance.
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