An Average In A Sentence

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  • All we have is an average.
  • Its size is that of an average cherry.
  • An average woman needs less.
  • They pulverize the soil to an average depth.
  • From eight to nine hours on an average.
  • Eighteen may be considered an average number.
  • This was an average of 8.74 ft.
  • Of corn there will probably be an average crop.
  • It was an average office with an average clientele.
  • Coorg has an average temperature of about 60 deg.
  • The nature of an average supposes deviations from it.
  • How many may be considered an average number?
  • The carrier is an average frequency for brain patterns.
  • An average of six proposals were made for each issue.
  • An average working temperature of 120 deg.
  • There is nothing so like an average superman as a parrot.
  • I would get about fifty dollars for an average horse.
  • To dress up as an average voter seems a little vague.
  • Oh, an average of between four and five hundred.
  • Does this loss vary, and what is an average estimate?
  • It would cover an average of twenty miles an hour.
  • The cat moved rather less than an average stone.
  • In an average year it would have yielded a good crop.
  • An average draught-horse will draw 1600 lbs.
  • We bought the stock at an average of sixty dollars a share.
  • The polished variety contains an average of 88 per cent.
  • The weight is 21 tons, or an average of over 18 lbs.
  • In such seasons, wheat upon an average sells for 9s.
  • It was an average Omicron evening.
  • Steps 13, 14 and 15 occupy on an average 10 seconds.
  • She wore an average set of furs, price $1500.
  • The German concerns paid on an average 22 per cent.
  • Income, on an average of years, upwards of L1800.
  • Don't get in a mental rut; don't be an "average" housewife.
  • Each Part contains, on an average, 50 Illustrations.

How To Use An Average In A Sentence?

  • American, an average, as drawn by N. W., 150.
  • Our Midge, the Microgaster, is the size of an average Gnat.
  • They're down 40 or over on an average.
  • But it was an average of only 2.7 for each of the eighteen mothers.
  • This is an average specimen of his playful way of ridiculing.
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