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  • On page 77, the caret symbol followed by an "e" represents a superscripted e.
  • Till the longest day was done, An' 'e didn't seem to know the use o' fear.
  • An E boat was once running past the Maas Lightship off the Dutch coast.
  • But 'e learns to sweat 'is temper an' 'e learns to know 'is man.
  • Brook Johnstone, with an E
  • An' 'e sez, "Yus, both on yer."
  • Preparing to Put an E Frame in Place.]
  • A bloke once came after Lil, an' 'e run 'im out
  • An' 'e sez to me, "Strike me dead,

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  • An E was missing, because the letter E, having been once used, was no longer available.
  • Come on,' 'e ses, 'get yer best 'at on,' an' 'e gives me a yaller rose, for me button-'ole.
  • E stayed with us all them ten days, an' 'e come with me to Victoria, to see Sherrie off to France.
  • His name is frequently spelt with an e at the end, but Gerard himself and his friends invariably spelt it without.
  • Blending the lines which form a loop, often causes the letter to become a stem, similar to the t or d, or an e to become an i.
  • Hyphenation: I have not preserved original hyphenation since an e-text does not require line-end or page-end hyphenation.
  • I will interpolate here an account of a typical trial of a new boat, using an E boat of the early 1916 vintage as an illustration.
  • The back of the house was locked with an old-fashioned slide bolt that was turned with what they used to call an "E" key.
  • On page 55, "An E volutional History" was replaced with "An Evolutional History".
  • The chief ornaments of an E. E. spire consist in small windows (called spire-lights or lucarnes) each surmounted by its gablet.
  • It took a little ingenuity to figure out an "E" but two "N's" were fairly easy to execute.
  • If we have a battery that has an E. M. F. of two volts to the cell, as the storage-battery has, fifty cells would answer.
  • An "H" boat is, of course, much smaller and less seaworthy than an "E," being of 400 tons and 150 feet length.
  • An' 'e got a pal along of him, and they was a-jawin' about a parson's son as owed Mashing fifteen pound, and saying as they'd crack him up if he didn't pay up.
  • E is a pots imself an e can do a job of potry as orfen as e 'as a mine to your obegent servent Ada Blake.
  • The five passengers shared the dinner, and presumably enjoyed the day, but it blew half a gale and more all the way home to Harwich, and the motion of an "E" boat takes a lot of getting used to.
  • But the pyrotechnist, having misunderstood his instructions, had supplied an E instead of a C; so that the transparency presented the combination E B T.
  • Another incident occurred near Heligoland, when one officer of an E boat came on deck to relieve another during the nightly three hours' charge.
  • No matter where the sanctuary of a specific god might be placed, it always bore the same name; Shamash, for example, dwelt at Sippara as at Larsam in an E-Babbara.
  • I think you an' 'e will get on, my dear,' said Mrs Clay, who was quite cheerful herself, owing to her husband being in a pleasant humour.
  • Those who knew him best said that he tried to think of words without an e in them, but when he was baffled he had to use a little a or an o instead.
  • I use to take 'im to the 'Eath of a summer Sunday, an' 'e use to stand on them little ridges below the Spaniards Road, with 'is eyes shut against the sun, never botherin' to take no aim.
  • Pat Egan, seeing the word spelt with an 'e' in one of the incriminatory letters, had written to Parnell, saying in effect, 'Pigott is the forger.
  • If you had turned this formula over and over, as I have done, you would have seen at once that it contains two more letters than the first, an E and an O." "As a matter of fact, I did not notice....
  • The Gihon, it is plain, is the Guadiana, for they both begin with a G. And the Ebro, which is in Catalonia, is unquestionably the Euphrates, both beginning with an E.
  • The man complained that it was not properly filled up; my name was spelled with an 'e' instead of an 'i'--Martendale!
  • Only when the report is of imminent warfare or rebellion, when it includes evidence that makes an investigation unnecessary, or when the preliminary evaluation shows it not to be an Imperial matter, is an E-Team not sent in.
  • I'll change that F to an E, the C to an O, and the P to an R. A handy man with a wood chisel can do lots of things.
  • As a less exceptional example we may refer to the entrance to Westminster Abbey at the end of the north transept (now under restoration), which must have been a noble example of an E. E. portal when in its perfect state.
  • We have seen that the converse of "all A is B" is "some B is A"; we can, in addition, derive from it another, though purely formal, proposition "no A is not-B"; i.e. an E proposition.
  • As for the times they individually made, and for the inns from which they started, you who are insatiable of dry bones of fact may go to the Library of the British Museum and find your Cary (without an "e") and do your gnawing of them.

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