An Escape In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For An Escape | An Escape Sentence

  • But what an escape for both!
  • An escape was not to be thought of.
  • For this would be an escape from sufferings.
  • But here was an escape from such disagreeable conditions.
  • He began to plan an escape.
  • Tis like an escape from a fire.
  • Phew, what an escape!
  • He determined to attempt an escape.
  • I resolved to try an escape at all hazards.
  • Good gracious, what an escape!
  • What an escape they, were for us in the black times!
  • But you must plan an escape, and salvation for your worlds.
  • Eagerly They looked around for an escape from death.
  • If you can arrange an escape I will close my eyes.
  • It was an escape!
  • What an escape!
  • But it proved to be only an escape from the fire into the frying-pan.
  • I have discovered a place through which an escape from the city can be made.
  • Beatrice, and an escape into the bargain from all my worries.
  • An "escape"?
  • This instantly afforded me an escape from my painful position.
  • On the other hand the mere fact of memory is an escape from transience.
  • Lance was duly impressed, and realized how narrow an escape he had had.
  • Were this not the case, there would have been an escape left for us.
  • Either another coup was being prepared, or an escape was being arranged.
  • For one thing he had offered her an escape from her old imprisoned life.
  • What an escape!" she muttered with dry lips.
  • Once they were in his hands the Dwarfs had no chance of making an escape.
  • I expect I've had quite an escape.
  • By way of making more sure of an escape, however, we set the royals.
  • The Sahib said he never saw so narrow an escape from a broken neck.

How To Use An Escape In A Sentence?

  • It was an escape so narrow that a moment more and they had been dashed to pieces.
  • But that had been better than the dry-rot of an escape from righteous punishment.
  • It is the old mistake of imagining that an escape from a problem is a solution.
  • Sandy had to shut his eyes and grip the railing to keep from planning an escape.
  • The oldest sailors on board acknowledged that they had never witnessed so providential an escape.
  • It is leading us to such grave evils that men everywhere are looking for an escape from it.
  • This is an escape; but not such as has been previously spoken of, for it is not a retreat.
  • Everyone seemed playing a part, goaded with the urgency of seeking an escape from themselves.
  • I have just had as narrow an escape of breaking my neck as I ever had in my life.
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