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  • Dollond had an especially youthful appearance.
  • This year had been an especially fruitful one.
  • Nick was in an especially fine humor that evening.
  • The shiftless one was in an especially happy mood.
  • The geology family was an especially close and happy one.
  • Durabel (TSC) has an especially mild, sweet flavor.
  • It was a perfectly natural but not an especially obvious question.
  • The present reception was considered an especially delightful one.
  • It was an especially religious hymn, very slow and mournful.
  • He was not an especially popular man in his district, and he knew it.
  • On this account, he took an especially keen interest in all that went on.
  • The organ is an especially fine one, and the singing is famous.
  • But Almagro does not appear to have been an especially cruel man.
  • The beach near Sandsend was an especially fascinating part of the coast.
  • She seems to have an especially high regard for you, Priscilla.
  • In Great Britain the Declaration had an especially interesting course.
  • Malone didn't remember ever having seen an especially tight-fisted one.

How To Use An Especially In A Sentence?

  • An especially fine psalm of a liturgical character was translated on pages 115-117.
  • Sharp turned, being in an especially ugly humour, and cursed the other roundly.
  • Prize-giving was an especially important event for the Sixth, who were graduating.
  • Picking out an especially narrow place, Jackson built a breastwork of cotton bales and rubbish.
  • He has traveled a good deal, and seems to have an especially good opinion of French journalists.
  • They are made, too, in an especially pretty fashion that I have never before seen out of Munich.
  • On this auspicious occasion the clerk of the weather had granted the hostess an especially fine day.
  • One can only adhere to the supposition that there is an especially intimate connection between true symbols and things sexual.
  • Morton went to his work next morning quite unfitted for an especially delicate piece of dissection which he had in hand.
  • It is an especially vicious extension of the false doctrine above mentioned that criminals have some sort of a right against or claim on society.
  • On the other hand, to accomplish the same thing with steam or gasoline requires an especially constructed engine.
  • At the brook in the middle of the valley they paused to make one last cast in an especially inviting pool.
  • They extend an invitation to all the good people of this town to be present, and an especially urgent request that all the children be there.
  • A stagnating literature, as that of the seventeenth century was essentially, always has an especially large amount of such rubbish.
  • It had not been an especially fine specimen, but something about the situation and the soil had exactly suited it, and it had thriven miraculously.
  • By the example set in her parents' house, this lesson took an especially deep root in her heart.
  • She spoke in an especially gentle tone, so that by no possibility could Elizabeth fancy they were displeased with her.
  • Itch, ku'-lid, is the most common, and it takes an especially strong hold on the babes in arms.
  • There are certain cases, however, where an especially high or low temperature is indicated, and where the extremes mentioned have to be touched.
  • He gave delightful dinner-parties and a great many of them, but rarely spoke, except to recommend an especially desirable wine to a favored guest.
  • Its constitution bore an especially close resemblance to that of Norwich, then the third city in England in size and importance.
  • While she never appeared to be having an especially good time she gave a sense of being perfectly able to command a better one had it pleased her to do so.
  • Our ancestors appear to have regarded the playing at bowls as an especially dignified recreation, and to have guarded by statute the game from any profanation by the vulgar.
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