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  • Recovery is now an established fact.
  • It is an established fact.
  • And she is then a woman with an established position.
  • This is an established fundamental among philosophers.
  • An established tree is more valuable on this account.
  • This may be taken as an established fact.
  • Henceforth Assyriology was an established science.
  • Government by a commission of three was an established and successful fact.
  • It implies faith in an established order and an assured future.
  • He should be selected from an established herd and from a race of good milkers.
  • For many years this continued to be an established law of the drama.
  • They will attak a stun wall, or a deakon or an established church.
  • And Judy was breaking away from what had come to be an established custom.
  • He passed by Catia as an established fact; he left her quite unanalyzed.
  • The only test really necessary, in my opinion, is an established Liturgy.
  • It is an established "Mormon" doctrine that man is coexistent with God.
  • The "Boy Bishop" was for many generations an established institution.
  • Katharine's desertion was an established fact past all gainsaying.

How To Use An Established In A Sentence?

  • It becomes an established hand in the eighth century, and lasts until the twelfth.
  • The suggestion, made as if it were already an established fact, startled them both.
  • This rude usage became an established custom, and the portable shrines are built very strong.
  • I do not know that there was, in all antiquity, a single festival founded on an established fact.
  • By the surrender of his elephants he obtained an established recognition from Antiochus.
  • An established rule of faith may enforce obedience to its statutes, but can never develop morals.
  • Gunnison Crossing was an established point with a trail leading there from east and west.
  • Heathenism was still an established religion, the Emperor still its official head.
  • As long as there is an Established Church, the State, in some sense, offers religion.
  • The faculty of clairvoyance is an established fact of experience and has become more or less under the control of the mind.
  • Growing longer and growing shorter and growing is not an established result of a weight in the leg that is altogether.
  • It was the conclusion of the committee after numerous experiments, that thought reading was an established fact.
  • He exchanged the warm cover of an established literary reputation for the occasional shelter along the highways.
  • Distinguish between a working hypothesis and an established hypothesis, so as to bring out the conditions on which the latter depends.
  • They used to see software as an established and inviolable thing - something married to the computer.
  • The effect is due to the action of the stomach, to adapt its character to the digestion of an established food.
  • The younger men inherit an established platform and know nothing of the old-time quarrels and distrusts.
  • It will always be so till we have our own Embassies and an established position in consequence.
  • A language is an established means of communication, sanctioned by the general consent, and cannot be transformed at will.
  • The simplicity that had nothing to feign or conceal; the poise of manner that came from an established heart and conscience.
  • Never was there practised such a piece of notorious impudence in the face of an established Government.
  • There is nothing to prevent the supposition that circumcision was, in this very ancient kingdom, an established usage.
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