An Unusual In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For An Unusual | An Unusual Sentence

  • He is an unusual character.
  • This was an unusual procedure.
  • It was not an unusual sight.
  • It was an unusual and disconcerting experience for him.
  • It seemed such an unusual proceeding.
  • And what an unusual-looking person!
  • It was an unusual bit of chivalry.
  • Everything stood out with an unusual distinctness.
  • She was gay with an unusual gaiety.
  • Most decidedly an unusual story.
  • Green was an unusual colour in gowns then.
  • Of course this is an unusual opportunity.
  • He received an unusual education.
  • It is quite an unusual scarf.
  • We have here an unusual number of such persons.
  • It seemed an unusual morning.
  • Carlsen appeared in an unusual mood.
  • It was an unusual robber who had robbed him.
  • Delesof experienced an unusual sensation.
  • I was completely mystified at such an unusual proceeding.
  • It involved an unusual amount of trouble.
  • Ralph bent his ear at an unusual sound.
  • That is an unusual experience for a white man.
  • There was an unusual shade of trouble in his face.
  • One possessed an unusual amount of this femininity.
  • They asked him the reason of such an unusual occurrence.
  • An unusual name, is it not?
  • I thought this an unusual and apt idea.
  • An unusual degree of irresponsibility results.
  • Hamilton interrupted, with an unusual quickness.
  • This is square; an unusual form.
  • The streets of the village presented an unusual appearance.
  • This was an unusual thing for the old railroad pensioner.
  • The quiet town is filled with an unusual commotion.
  • Williamson hesitated, which was an unusual thing.

How To Use An Unusual In A Sentence?

  • The apple-trees were in blossom at an unusual time.
  • Temporary heat or cold, of an unusual degree.
  • Blue-black hair and gray eyes are an unusual combination.
  • She found the good dame in an unusual state of excitement.
  • It was the usual course, not an unusual one.
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