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How To Use Analogous In A Sentence?

  • The customs of those people were very analogous to the doctrines that directed them.
  • Hence we conclude that the seasons of this planet are analogous to ours in relative intensity.
  • The method of preparation of strontium hydroxide is analogous to that of calcium hydroxide.
  • Several scholars who from the first had turned their minds to telegraphy, had analogous ideas.
  • In structure, they are analogous to synovial membranes, and secrete a similar fluid.
  • Something analogous to this weighs down the hearty exertions of the Irish gentry.
  • Harmony of colour is, in many respects, analogous to harmony of musical sounds.
  • Thus, the flower of the daisy is, as we shall see, analogous to that of the buttercup.
  • One argument in proof of Providence is analogous to one mode of proving a creation.
  • The principle in this experiment is analogous to that of the union between carbonic gas and atmospheric air.
  • Our literature has, as yet, given us no figure analogous to that Last New Zealander of Macaulay.
  • These cases are exactly analogous to a large class of accidents and calamities that happen among men.
  • The total magnetization resulting from a magnetizing force is called the magnetic flux, and is analogous to current.
  • Psychology then deals with a real, which exhibits phenomena analogous in several respects to those discussed by statics and mechanics.
  • He tried at first to replace amadou, which he so unfortunately lacked, by another and analogous material.
  • To perform this rearrangement requires a certain amount of work done, which is analogous to the winding up of a weight to a certain distance.
  • It is, therefore, in this and the analogous processes of roasting, that the sulphurous and arsenous vapours are so profusely given off.
  • For one thing, they dare not be otherwise; but the chief reason is one analogous to the action of vaccination or inoculation.
  • The spathe of an arum is analogous to the corolla of the dead nettle (for both serve to shelter the essential parts of the flower).
  • In all the circumstances, then, in which ions appear, their formation has doubtless been provoked by a mechanism analogous to that of the shock.
  • This is considered as a proof of the existence there of a membrane naturally analogous to the skin; which must, of course, be the conjunctiva.
  • These texts make up a composition analogous to one which covers the walls of certain little known Theban tombs.
  • Phenomena precisely analogous occur, when, from intense mental excitement, the brain is kept long in a state of excessive activity.
  • Mr. Davis and some other Democrats implicated me in an analogous matter which they tried to understand but did not.
  • The principle of Carnot, of a nature analogous to the principle of the conservation of energy, has also a similar origin.
  • In short, whatever pleases has in it what is analogous to the mind, and is therefore, in the highest and best sense of the word, natural.
  • The Greeks had no difficulty, for example, in recognising amongst these beast-headed monsters gods analogous to their own.
  • We have as yet become acquainted with no satisfactory series of experiments upon tobacco analogous to those which have been made of some articles of food.
  • In consequence, its seasons are analogous to ours in intensity, while twice the length, the Martian year being almost equal to two of our years.
  • The principle here stated seems very analogous to that which is recognised by all writers on international law, as regulating the navigation of rivers.
  • Something analogous to these conditions we see in the lives of individuals, in the phenomena of intemperance, which belong in general to the virile years.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Analogous | Analogous Sentence

  • The object was analogous and so was the method.
  • There was hardly any book which was analogous to it .
  • Something analogous in the world at large.
  • The pancreatic juice is analogous to the saliva.
  • No analogous deity is found in Aztec picture writing.
  • The case is analogous to that of parents and children.
  • Neither is the policy of the case at all analogous to our own at the moment.
  • Let me put an analogous medical case as being more within your present sphere.
  • But here was an analogous case, without its indecorous elements.

Definition of Analogous

Having analogy; corresponding to something else; bearing some resemblance or proportion (often followed by "to".) | (biology) Functionally similar, but arising through convergent evolution rather than being homologous.
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