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  • Where are we to look for an analogue to the prophet?
  • Remarque analogue pour la troisième position.
  • Sur une fonction analogue aux fonctions modulaires.

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  • We have said that the grotesque in ornament is the analogue of humour in literature.
  • Now expectation that the sun will rise to-morrow is an excellent analogue of my religious belief.
  • Indeed, Northern Canada is the analogue of Eastern Canada in more likenesses than one.
  • In the property-idea they are lifted out of their isolation, and in the continuity of family life there is a certain analogue of immortality.
  • Son unique mât était très haut, analogue en cela à celui de tous les navires de construction américaine.
  • La somme des angles d'un triangle est égale à deux droits; mais nous n'avons aucun théorème analogue pour le tétraèdre.
  • I find that she means as much in the way of human character for me now as she ever did, being unique and with no analogue in all my subsequent experience of people.
  • That those of all animals pass through a series of phases of development, each of which is the type or analogue of the permanent configuration of tribes inferior to it in the scale.
  • This was the Peruvian application of the principle that lies at the base of all those superstitious ceremonies intended to provoke or stimulate a desired effect by reproducing its analogue in advance.
  • Hence the term "Boy-Bishop" appears to define more accurately than its Latin analogue the rank and privileges of the immature prelate.

Definition of Analogue

(Britain, Canada) Alternative form of analog | (Britain, Canada) Alternative form of analog
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