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  • I am an analytical chemist.
  • I know you have an analytical turn of mind.
  • The analytical foundations of celestial mechanics.
  • The state of analytical chemistry is well advanced.
  • You see, I have not your analytical eye.
  • A Treatise on Analytical Statics.
  • Examples of Analytical Geometry of Three Dimensions.
  • Thus my analytical mind threshed out the ramifications of possibilities.
  • He had a remarkable analytical power, and also the power of generalization.
  • She was not of an analytical turn of mind; thus, the truth escaped her.
  • Eadie's Analytical Concordance.
  • Elements of Analytical Geometry and of the Differential and Integral Calculus.
  • Fourth Edition, with an Analytical Table of Contents, and a Copious Index.

How To Use Analytical In A Sentence?

  • Besides the inventive, the critical and analytical faculties are strong with her.
  • The acid is therefore used as a reagent to precipitate potassium in analytical work.
  • The following analytical tables will illustrate many of the facts stated in our propositions.
  • The substance finds many uses in the laboratory, especially in analytical work.
  • An analytical index to the American journal of international law and supplements.
  • To beauty of language his study of "Hamlet" adds keen analytical powers and original views.
  • In Linnaeus and Cuvier the intuitive element predominates; in Gauss, the analytical element.
  • He was interested in socialism and its bewildering ramifications, but only as an analytical student.
  • She thinks nothing of delving into the most abstruse problems of the higher branches of analytical science.
  • To concentrate all his powers of analytical observation upon a single specimen of woman was his plan.
  • His analytical mind fastened instantly on the theory that murder had been done to prevent a marriage.
  • It is still rather difficult to strip entirely this very important notion of all analytical adornment.
  • Nadine got up, and began walking up and down the room as she did when her alert analytical brain was in grips with a problem.
  • Crudely speaking, the environmental movement was deeply influenced by two basic analytical frameworks.
  • If the intuitive imagination is combined with the deductive spirit we have the analytical talent of the systematic naturalist, of the geometrician.
  • Sometimes the analytical examination is of vast extent; sometimes it is greatly narrowed by hints from the family doctor.
  • In fact, his intellectual abilities did not exist in an analytical and separated form; but in a combined and concrete state.
  • The lawyers have analytical minds, and they know how important full indexes and digests are to complete their stock-in-trade.
  • Thus I save myself all the labour and trouble of pasting or laying down the slips in analytical order.
  • It oxidizes carbon compounds to carbon dioxide and water, and therefore finds extensive application in analytical organic chemistry.
  • I hope in the course of the coming summer to obtain from this able analytical chemist, an analysis of the food of the young drones and workers.
  • He, without being analytical about it, would have preferred it without the industry and the noise, even softened as both were by the distance.
  • In his overpowering passion for God, he distrusts overmuch the analytical efforts of the human mind.
  • In the first or analytical part, we shall try to resolve the constructive imagination into its constitutive factors, and study each of them singly.
  • Disinfectants have no place in dairy work, except to destroy disease-producing bacteria, or to preserve milk for analytical purposes.
  • Sophie possessed a keen analytical intellect that saw, without the slightest tinge of emotion, clear down to the bottom of things.
  • His method is that of common sense, based on keen analytical faculties, and he never trains the hand apart from the musical sense.

Definition of Analytical

Of or pertaining to analysis; resolving into elements or constituent parts | Using analytic reasoning as opposed to synthetic.
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