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  • Immediately he became alert and active.
  • But his eyes were bright and active.
  • Tape reading and active trading.
  • Murray was wide awake and active.
  • Its bishops are laborious and active.
  • Mamma is free and active and bracing.
  • The porcupine is above ground and active all winter.
  • In a little while he was quite strong and active again.
  • Its police force was large and active.
  • Spies and informants are numerous and active on both sides.
  • The cannon foundries are built and active.
  • It makes all your nerves awake and active.
  • He had shown himself a brave and active soldier.
  • Her brain became very clear and active.
  • Meanwhile, plunderers are numerous and active.
  • He divides feeling into pure and active feeling.
  • The work to be done is a real and active one.
  • Slim and active as he was, he was no longer very young.
  • She was but twenty, and was both slight and active.
  • No. 19 is remarkably vigorous and active.
  • He is tall and strong, and lish and active as a fish.
  • His figure was light, graceful, and active.
  • Of sins, both passive and active, this is equally true.
  • She is a plump, tidy, and active-looking little woman.
  • Odysseus came next, shrewd in counsels, earnest and active.
  • They are patient, industrious, brave, and active.
  • I sent for Bendel; he seemed both apt and active.
  • A bit spare, but brown, wiry, and active as men can be.
  • Exceptions of hard Laborers and active Children.
  • Ah! how quick and active I was as Scapin!
  • Is lean and active.
  • I have already observed how large and active these congresses were.
  • Its existence and active motions were palpable to all present.
  • Here was satisfying work for the busy brain and active body!
  • But his limbs were strong and active and well accustomed to exercise.
  • When he finally went to the gaming rooms they were filled and active.
  • An army preparing for battle in the morning would be awake and active.

How To Use And Active In A Sentence?

  • The opportunities for a full and active life were infinitely greater here on the prairie.
  • Sometimes she was fierce and active and at others by comparison mild and low-spirited.
  • Work for this cause formed the most keen and active interest of her latest years.
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