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  • And any hobby is to be encouraged.
  • Believe that and any one can believe something.
  • And any old place is home.
  • Grays and any of the above greens contrast beautifully.
  • And any one of them might be her lover.
  • And any day might be the last.
  • I had no trouble and any number of friends.
  • Serve with vegetables and any savoury sauce.
  • And any alcohol, by chance?
  • And this principle holds for any object and any distance.
  • It has any number of causes and any number of guises.
  • And any thing is better than dispeace in a family.
  • And any phrase would have been the wrong phrase.
  • The altar cloth is missing and any number of things!
  • Any shadow is famous and any face is soon painting.
  • Thus any word could be spelled out and any message sent.
  • A little lamb is not more than every sheep and any flavor.
  • I will pay his expenses, and any sum in reason.
  • And any one may see that purification is of two kinds.
  • Straw hives are unknown, and any old tea-chest is used.
  • And any one would have loved Pedro.
  • Thus, in every and any case, it dishonors God.
  • Suicide one moment, and any crime I like the next!
  • And any way, I guess he must get tired himself sometimes.
  • And any moment Father might come home with news of Roger.
  • They can use ASCII and any other format.
  • Given a peculiar kind of brains and any man can do it just as easily.
  • And any woman will reveal herself sufficiently in one evening.
  • This and any other questions that may arise are decided by the official.
  • There is no place for anything and any place that is occupied is occupied.
  • And any one inside the grove could not have detected them at all.
  • Any loving is certain and any one being certain is going on loving.
  • Any day was a day and any being sick that day was the being sick that day.
  • The curd is washed to remove acidity and any abnormal flavors.
  • This idea may be varied to suit any circumstances and any surroundings.

How To Use And Any In A Sentence?

  • Lay the first winter and any summer and more wishes all separately in together.
  • And any person who came that way would likely know about the bridge.
  • You can do nothing, and any attempt would be a useless scandal.
  • It's war to the knife between me and any such prowlin' critter.
  • Secure the cordage, and any other odds and ends you think useful.
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