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  • Among the people who came to my house, there were many men of letters and artists.
  • It is the emotional element in them, not the logical, that makes them writers and artists.
  • I have long despaired of convincing poets and artists of anything, even that white is not black.
  • Poets and artists, who help make life beautiful, are not indispensable; they are not serious.
  • The poets and artists were sick of the dogmatic materialism which dominated the mind of England.
  • From this standpoint, many contemporary poets, novelists, and artists would be primitive.
  • The color the vulgar jeer at, and artists like your friend and twin, Derry, rave over.
  • At Paris, under the auspices of Mazarin, many architects and artists were assembled.
  • Individuals who are careless possess a trait that will seriously mar their individuality as musicians and artists.
  • How well you'd look interviewing authors and artists when they come here with their manuscripts.
  • But increasingly, cyberspace is filling with journalists and doctors and lawyers and artists and clerks.
  • He was high in the esteem of many learned men and had a great many poets and artists for his friends.
  • Vaudeville stars and artists, they call themselves for the sake of decency; and out of courtesy we countenance it.
  • And this was coupled with a very delicate irony, which both of them, as experts and artists, thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Servants and artists, and splendour of habitation and retinue, have all their use, propriety and office.
  • In real life what a deplorable schism exists between poets and artists on the one hand, and men of business on the other!
  • Goethe says that only poets and artists have method, because they require to see a thing before them in a completed, rounded form.
  • Poets and artists, politicians and men of genius took sides, extolling the beauty of the one they championed.
  • Wit vied with wit, scholar discussed with scholar, and artists discoursed upon the new methods of painting.
  • Not poets and artists, but birds, streams, and the pure encircling air should call us into the open.
  • He appears in his later character as a god of culture and wisdom, the patron of scribes and artists, and the wise counsellor of the deities.
  • The former, purely imaginative beings, visionaries, utopians, are closely related to poets and artists.
  • Compared with many of the philosophers and artists who denounce him; he looks like a God fearing fisher or a noble mountaineer.
  • These were the women who became the mothers of the heroes, thinkers and artists, who laid the foundation of the Greek nation.
  • It was from the bodies of such women as these that sprang that race of heroes, thinkers, and artists who laid the foundations of Grecian greatness.
  • Known to all writers and artists, intimate friend of the palette, familiar spirit of the writing-desk, he was the Asmodeus of the arts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Artists | And Artists Sentence

  • The poets and artists.
  • Character of monastic architects and artists.
  • What more have poets and artists done?
  • Poets and artists have tried to reproduce her dream.
  • He is a loyal upholder of art and artists.
  • And artists are always persecuted by stupid people.
  • Chapters on Art and Artists.
  • Thousands of workmen and artists who are failures suffer from this cause.
  • He is an artist, and artists never do take to practical things.
  • Aside from the poets and artists, the mystics would furnish copious examples.
  • Their poets and artists were very fond of the subject of Cupid.
  • There are laymen, tyros, neophytes, proficients and artists.
  • Thither, from far and near, flocked scholars, poets, and artists alike.
  • Learned men and artists were summoned from Italy and Constantinople.
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