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  • And asking for fruits a little bad.
  • The man is here again, and asking to see you.
  • I thought of going round and asking them to come in ...
  • And asking the one woman who had most reason to refuse it to her.
  • He must test his ear by playing phrases, and asking the boy to sing them.
  • And I thought of the good flesh down here waiting and asking to be caught.
  • The Genoese was making a bargain, and asking an impossible price.
  • Hurrah!" and asking John to go faster.
  • Do we appreciate the immense difference between "claiming" and "asking"?
  • He came to God confessing his sins, and asking for mercy; and he received it.
  • It is because I will die as I have lived, fearing nothing and asking nothing!
  • Can I help thinking of them, then, and asking why I suffer thus?
  • She is always running after Miss Waterhouse, and asking her to the Cottage.
  • And asking him if it is him lying there, and if he's lost his wits or no.

How To Use And Asking In A Sentence?

  • It ended in his returning to the bar and asking to be supplied with a bottle of whisky.
  • Mostly they consisted in appearing at the most inconvenient hours and asking maddening questions.
  • Under these circumstances he sent messengers explaining the position and asking for instructions.
  • The second he glimpses the glint of a bayonet he is whimpering and asking for mercy.
  • That was the very question she had been asking herself for days, and asking in vain.
  • He was sitting in the midst of the doctors, listening to them and asking them questions.
  • To think of such a shameless villain coming and asking to be friends with me, forsooth!
  • I had a wild impulse of stealing out unnoticed and asking my way to the nearest trolley line.
  • First it was one, and then it was another, hanging about here and asking questions.
  • I myself had it for three weeks, loving it and admiring it, and asking myself how to hang it.
  • Glaucon stood motionless, looking from one to another and asking for wisdom in his soul.
  • An Austrian lady explained that they were calling me a magician and asking for more.
  • I can see her going up one side of the street knocking at every door and asking for empty vessels.
  • Everybody's wondering if it's true, and asking themselves and others all sorts of questions.
  • The men ran from house to house, carrying the news, and asking one another what they should do.
  • I had made a special point of going to the sheriff and asking him if I would be needed.
  • After greeting his mother and asking a question, Arthur went off at once and my turn came.
  • The men came crowding about Duncan, congratulating him and asking him a hundred questions.
  • Armitage went out, coming back a little while after and asking if I cared to shoot a bear.
  • Haustrum en Ose allsa; and asking what if Shakspeare meant either a pump or a bucket?
  • He wired to Skane at once, imposing secrecy, and asking it Bandmaster was still in the race.
  • No, I don't want him to rise in life; I don't want folks to be speiring and asking about him.
  • All that woman talked about while you were in the basement was redecorating the house or about cooking and asking my opinions.
  • Perhaps she might catch or make an opportunity of speaking to him in private and asking him what she wanted to know.
  • She was liking what she was liking and saying what she was saying and asking everything she was asking and supplying all she was supplying.
  • They are at it, contradicting what they agree with, and asking definitions of what they perfectly understand.
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