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  • A father and brother.
  • He is son and brother now.
  • And what about the man and brother?
  • And brother and my youthful spouse besides.
  • I was treated like their son and brother.
  • Hertha bore no resemblance to her sister and brother.
  • Were her mother and brother keeping his message from her?
  • The sisters and brother were assembled in the study.
  • He is our friend and brother and the light of the world.
  • Both father and brother quarrelled with her on this point.
  • And brother, sister kind?
  • Her mother and brother both gave her a warning glance.
  • He was ever a loving and dutiful son and brother.
  • Mother and Brother were both there.
  • The good son and brother makes a good husband.
  • Do you know where they live, your mother and brother?
  • Had she, by any chance, won over her mother and brother?
  • His mother and brother, whom he had not seen in ten years!
  • And what rich cider for you and brother Ollie!
  • Coote began to praise Helen and her mother and brother.
  • Well, I am sorry my friend and brother is gone.
  • I am glad you and Brother Gore are going to the mountains.
  • Brother Ezra and brother John would be good to her.
  • J. T. Readley and brother called.
  • There was a rap on the door, and Brother Jacques entered.
  • Good old Applegate and Brother Espalin.
  • It stuck fast, and Brother Rabbit could not pull it away.
  • Your son and brother, JAS.
  • They were captives, madame, Anne, and Brother Jacques.
  • Your Friend and Brother, A. Keck.
  • Her father and brother dashed downstairs and out into the grounds.
  • Thomas L. Preston, of Abingdon, and brother of Hon.
  • The girl was strangely different from her mother and brother.
  • I have received no news from your uncle and brother since they left.
  • One morning my cousin and brother had been left in camp as guards.
  • Late that night she went into the room where her mother and brother had died.
  • She's father and mother and brother and sister to me.
  • I will endeavour to have your uncle and brother start to-morrow.
  • Perhaps your mother and brother and the little home seem so, too.

How To Use And Brother In A Sentence?

  • During her confinement and afterward she remained at home with her mother and brother.

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