And Clear In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Clear | And Clear Sentence

  • Sell it and clear out.
  • It was cold and clear.
  • And clear it to the day.
  • Tweed was very low and clear.
  • How true and clear they are!
  • For that sunrise grand and clear!
  • You will own my voice both sweet and clear.
  • They were wide and clear and interrogating.
  • The evening was cool and clear.
  • The morning fair and clear.
  • It lay there definite and clear.
  • Cook until the tapioca is soft and clear.
  • The letters were sharp and clear.
  • He should go to him and clear his mind.
  • Day broke bright and clear.
  • Light airs and clear weather.
  • His explanation was both honorable and clear.
  • The night was cold and clear.
  • How long and clear the shadows were!
  • When nights are calm and clear.
  • It has all his sincerity and clear vision.
  • He had said it very loud and clear.
  • All this is extremely simple and clear.
  • His gaze was very deep and clear.
  • You come in loud and clear.
  • The proof on this point is ample and clear.
  • They pierce through the tumult sharp and clear!
  • The foresight of my destiny was steadfast and clear.
  • This is an unusually full and clear pedigree.
  • It was crisp and clear-cut and commanding.
  • And clear the guns and get under way.
  • The air was sharp and clear as crystal.
  • A wise and clear grey eye it was.
  • The sun came up bright and clear.
  • Thus far all is simple and clear enough.

How To Use And Clear In A Sentence?

  • His course seems plain and clear.
  • The provisions of it were perfectly explicit and clear.
  • Westerly winds and clear weather prevail.
  • Children are tender-hearted and clear-sighted.
  • The flash had been inexorably sharp and clear.
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