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  • The ground is now taken up by stables and coach-houses.
  • A couple such starts as this per diem benefit both crew and coach.
  • I'll teach you the new steps, and coach you in all that's needful.
  • What if he disappointed Andy and Coach Robey when the time came?
  • I'll send you a list of questions to answer and coach you as well as I can.
  • And this is Joe--Joey, my lad--footman and coach manager.
  • Stay here and coach the parson while I start up the town."
  • And coach-and-four shall nevermore Fling dust across the day."

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  • Railways in those days were as yet few, and coach-travelling was far beyond my purse.
  • The lower story of the back building seemed to be wholly occupied by stables and coach-houses.
  • Thus we have church building, house building, ship building, and coach building.
  • Claflin sent in a new quarter-back and Coach Robey replaced Williams with Gleason.
  • Claflin sent in a substitute right end and Coach Robey put Corcoran in for Kendall.
  • Still more is the standard of oarsmanship raised among juniors when the older hands of a club take them in charge and coach them.
  • I don't know yet where my stables and coach-houses are; you must help me to find out.
  • So forehanded were American coach-agents and coach-drivers that such premature starts were not infrequent.
  • He conducted her at her request to the kitchen garden and the handful of paddock, the stables and coach-house, then back to the lawn.
  • Anton went out with Lavretsky's servant to open the stable and coach-house doors.
  • The corners of the stable and coach-house doors were rough, as if from the attacks of rats, but we never saw any of these stealthy rodents.
  • I was engineer on a combination locomotive and coach and as this locomotive will be in the scene of more than one tragedy, I will describe it.
  • A little kitchen was at the back of the building in a yard, where were the stable and coach-house, both unused, deserted, and worthless.
  • Up to that time, all transportation had been by steamboat up the Missouri River or in wagon and coach overland.
  • Thanks to Jean's wit and clique's power, a new hairdresser and coach were provided in the nick of time.
  • The rivalry of drivers and coach-owners extended to passengers, who became violent partisans of the road on which they travelled, and a threatening exhibition of bowie knives and pistols was often made.
  • People will find equally thither, a complete sortment of stranger wines, and of the kingdom, hot and cold baths, stables and coach houses, the whole with very moderated prices.
  • He did not neglect to follow out the instructions which he had received from the old college graduate and coach, Mr. Shays, about breathing through his nose, and holding himself fairly erect.
  • They were in walking distance of the hotel where they were to spend the night, and Jim and Mr. Drummond went ahead with the horses and coach to see what arrangements had been made for their comfort.
  • The Coach and Coach-Harness makers have a hall in Noble Street, noteworthy as being the place where the Gordon riots were organized.
  • If he left the points set for the main line, the wild engine would crash into the rear end of the stopped special; and if he did the other thing, our engine and coach standing on the "Y" would get it.
  • Wheresover railway, steamboat, and coach were available, I always used them; but failing these, I hired, or was obliged to friends of Missions for driving me from place to place.
  • However, though I shall have to have somebody well known over here for concerts of any great pretensions, I could work you into smaller ones, and coach with you, too, since I must have somebody.
  • A tallow dip and coach candle lit up the room, which was large, containing two Roman couches with quilts, robes and blankets, a stout table, two oak chairs, a pewter basin, and a large stone jug filled with water.
  • A coarse logic rules throughout all English souls;--if you have merit, can you not show it by your good clothes, and coach, and horses?
  • And this sufficient sympathy she had for all persons indifferently,--for lovers, for artists, and beautiful maids, and ambitious young statesmen, and for old aunts, and coach-travellers.
  • Now, it would have looked very singular, and, in fact, disgusting, if the stable and coach-house had been better than the castle, whose shingle roof was a mass of variegated patches and gaping holes where the mortar had fallen out and left the bricks bare; so there was nothing for it but to pull down the old castle, and to order his steward to build up a new one in its place, and make it as beautiful and splendid as his fancy could suggest.
  • The kitchens are detached from the house, for the purpose of evading the heat and smoke from the wood fires; and contiguous to them are a long line of "negro rooms," (as they term the apartments in this country intended for the use of the domestics,) stables, and coach-houses, interspersed with "stock" houses for poultry, and pens for the accommodation of those unseemly animals vulgarly called hogs.
  • So, though she gave him "drams of Black Cherry Brandy" and Canary to drink and comfits and lump sugar to eat, while he so pressed her to name her settlement on him, and while the wig and coach questions were so adversely met, she would not answer yes, and he regretted making more haste than good speed.
  • Richard hurried down into the extensive grounds, and came plump upon Mr Draycott, the well-known military tutor and coach, tramping laboriously up and down one of the gravel paths, with his hands behind, giving a loud puff at every second step, for he was an enormously fat man, to whom walking was a severe trial, but a trial he persevered in from a wholesome dread that, if he neglected proper exercise, he would grow worse.
  • Substitute and coach, the frantic school, alumni over from Princeton, kept up a constant storm of shouts and entreaties: "Oh, get together!"
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