And Color In A Sentence

How To Use And Color In A Sentence?

  • White and color and also other things are not retracting what they are going to be doing.
  • The four after their imprisonment and privations were recovering their weight and color.
  • The cord for lacing should harmonize in quality and color with the rest of your design.
  • There were some of the flames that the flight only served to fan to fiercer heat and color.
  • Here was the secret of the verdure and fragrance and color and beauty and life of the oasis.
  • What a contrast to our royal simplicity of form and color is this plebeian wretch!
  • The colored water in the shell will pass through the skin and color the water in the bottle.
  • Now pour about an inch of water in a tumbler or cup and color it with a few drops of red ink.
  • Go on and trace the progress of the fire, describing its change in volume and color.
  • It is of the same texture and color, but it differs in minor details easily discernible.
  • California, with its pungent stimulants of odor and color, appealed to her from the very first.
  • Think of every octave on the piano as having a different color; then shade and color your playing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Color | And Color Sentence

  • Knit a garter and color it yellow.
  • Color standards and color nomenclature.
  • He had the name and color of the launch changed.
  • It was a marvel of figure and color and effect.
  • The deceitful intoxication of light and color!
  • Oleander blossoms were lovely in shape and color.
  • Distinctions of race and color have arisen afterward.
  • The zest and color have wholly gone out of life.
  • How full of light and color are their last days!
  • The chat is an elegant bird both in form and color.
  • These delicate blossoms vary greatly in size and color.
  • The chat is an elegant bird, both in form and color.
  • Yet beautiful they were, by every canon of form and color.
  • Its size, shape and color are all greatly changed.
  • I want life, and color, and music.
  • It varied much in thickness, hardness, and color.
  • His View of a River is full of life and color.
  • Plume's voice and color both were rising.
  • And what are china-asters good for if style and color are of no importance?
  • And color changed into silence at the bidding of the central suns.
  • Remove the pressure, and the size and color of the heart are restored.
  • However, a few trees bore apples of inferior size and color.
  • The varieties of nationality, costume and color are striking in the extreme.
  • An experienced eye readily catches a glance of her peculiar form and color.
  • They are sketchy, sparkling, interesting by their movement and color.
  • Bear vary greatly in size and color, no less than in temper and habits.
  • The lotus resembles the water-lily, but is more varied in form and color.
  • The mist wreaths were dissolving, every line and color glassily clear.
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