And Comfortable In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Comfortable | And Comfortable Sentence

  • Now he was warm and comfortable.
  • Je clean and comfortable.
  • It was soft and comfortable.
  • It was all very lazy and comfortable.
  • It was indeed very compact and comfortable.
  • Everything was so cozy and comfortable to behold.
  • How nice and comfortable everything is!
  • Sometimes they looked well and comfortable.
  • Here he will be warm and comfortable as in his cradle.
  • How warm and comfortable it was in the bunk.
  • He was fat and comfortable and too respectful.
  • The inns were clean and comfortable.
  • The apartment was clean and comfortable.
  • It caressed him into a dark and comfortable oblivion.
  • It will be cool and comfortable on the very hottest nights.
  • Have your houses warm and comfortable for the winter.
  • He made my home snug and comfortable.
  • Their little home was cosey and comfortable.
  • I was cool and comfortable under the shadow of the cover.
  • The villages and cottages are neat and comfortable.
  • He felt warm and comfortable now and not afraid at all.
  • I felt nicely warm and comfortable.
  • Everything was plain, clean and comfortable.
  • It is neat and comfortable, but it is not beautiful.
  • But the slab cabin was storm proof and comfortable.
  • It is foolish not to have it dry, warm and comfortable.
  • The bed felt soft and comfortable to his aching body.
  • Once accustomed to it, the bed is cool and comfortable.
  • Give me something cheerful and up-to-date and comfortable.
  • The midday sun made it warm and comfortable in the tent.
  • They play all day with each other, content and comfortable.
  • How easy and comfortable seemed our road back to the huts.
  • And yet the parlor seemed warm and comfortable, too.
  • This town is neat and cleanly, and comfortable and airy.
  • They are clean, tidy, and comfortable homes.

How To Use And Comfortable In A Sentence?

  • But it is very bright and comfortable and, yes, pretty.
  • He writes to us and appears to be well and comfortable....
  • To Miki he looked warm and soft and comfortable.
  • Then, all clean and comfortable, I sit down to write.
  • It's quiet and comfortable.
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