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  • Everything was strange and different.
  • So refreshing and different.
  • Everything seems changed and different.
  • I hope for more and different stories from him.
  • What are its characters and different species?
  • And different men carried the parts.
  • She survives, but she is sobered and different.
  • But another and different proposition is urged upon us.
  • Lotus with curling sepals and different Swastikas.
  • Louis was original in his expressions and different from all others of his age.
  • And it was worse yet when you knew there was something better and different.
  • These were something new and different and truly three-dimensional.
  • They begin to acquire different shapes and different functions.
  • He is a gopher, and different from the common kind of turtle.
  • You was born different, and different you've got to be.
  • One will have talents of one sort, and different talents another.
  • I have some nice flowering beans, and different kinds of larkspurs.
  • You had to pay a price to get that something better and different, of course.
  • They told us they would go away and different troops would come.
  • His case, for intangible reasons, seemed separate and different.
  • Everything that can be in China is topsy tervy and different from us.
  • In the rivers, and different creeks, you number six species of the kingfisher.
  • Everything was, of course, quite strange, and different from his own land.
  • Cyprian vase with bosses, lotus buds, and different Swastikas.
  • Edith came in, in a dark dress, looking pale, and different, he thought.
  • They are of a darker colour and different in form to the Cape Bushmen.
  • They could add rugs, bric-a-brac, and different luxurious chairs, at any time.

How To Use And Different In A Sentence?

  • The ages which produced these marvellous works in architecture had other and different glories.
  • Wherefore in this sort have diverse and different substances knowledges of many kinds.
  • That which is remote from us and different in appearance seems shadowy and ghost-like.
  • He confounds two species of poetry as distinct and different as black and white.
  • They cannot understand that like things may be different and different things alike.
  • Similar results were obtained with regular basalts and different specimens of igneous rock.
  • Have not different times indeed different manners, and different modes of feeling?
  • The operations are highly technical, and different methods are employed in different mills.
  • The familiar vision of her stood close, looking things intolerably new and different.
  • Every landscape wears many faces, as many as there are men and different moods of the same man.
  • There are several and different Colours, some more forward and fruitful than others.
  • This is because: Crops take food from the soil in different amounts and different proportions.
  • Cyprian vase with lotus, bosses, buds, and sepals, and different Swastikas.
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