And Draw In A Sentence

How To Use And Draw In A Sentence?

  • She even offered to let them march out and draw themselves up in line of battle.
  • Like treble to ; then take up thread and draw through all three stitches at once.
  • He tried to take her hand and draw her to him, but she shrank away and he did not urge it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Draw | And Draw Sentence

  • Then split down the back and draw.
  • John can skate and draw her on the sled.
  • Do you reach forth and draw them out.
  • Singe and draw, then wash.
  • Remove all pin-feathers and then singe and draw.
  • I should be noticeable and draw comment on us.
  • It was partly that made me speak to you and draw you out.
  • Select a fat stewing chicken and then singe and draw.
  • He may then get tired of the siege and draw off.
  • Walk round, and draw your own conclusions.
  • Study and draw a beautiful tree without leaves.
  • How do business men deposit and draw out their money?
  • You just sit down, and draw upon your brains.
  • He felt her tremble suddenly, and draw away.
  • It will give immediate ease, and draw out the fire.
  • I obey orders and draw my forty per, as per contract.
  • Now, men, forward, and draw!
  • The Mexican mass seemed to shrink and draw in upon itself.
  • First, I made him break and draw the arrow from my arm.
  • Forward strain, Hold not hand, and draw not rein.
  • You must come again, Wither, and draw him out of his shell.
  • Then turn and draw.
  • Pick and draw the birds immediately after they are brought in.
  • She could only turn to her will and draw further strength from that.
  • Quadrisect this height and draw through these points horizontal lines.
  • It'll make a swell window and draw crowds.
  • He has only to go to the paymaster and draw pretty much all he pleases.
  • Hasten into the fortress and draw up the bridge, we are only perishing here.
  • Pull the bed-gown from over each arm, and draw it out from under the body.
  • Soft and fascinating elemental hands close over his and draw him gently aside.
  • Would it not be a blot on our friendship, and draw a veil over our intercourse?
  • Each year cut the grass and draw in around the tree to supplement the mulch.
  • The two nice little boys perceive their danger and draw closer to each other.
  • Sew up the foot and back of leg, and draw ribbon through the spaces.
  • The staff frequently arranged various ruses to try and draw him in this way.
  • If you rebel and draw your sword against your country, confiscation and death.
  • It must extend its influences further, and draw its life from a deeper soil.
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