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  • Oriental Society, and Ed.
  • Peter Storm and Ed Caspian both got telegrams.
  • Printed by Isaac Laggard, and Ed. Blount.
  • W. Bray and ed.
  • Why ain't it yesterday, and Ed here agin?
  • Preface by the EARL Of PEMBROKE, and Ed. 4.
  • London, Printed by ISAAC IAGGARD and ED.
  • Billy Dorgan and Ed.
  • Dick and Ed both spoke together. "

How To Use And Ed In A Sentence?

  • Will and Ed knew that Bert had been found and that all three were barricaded in the cave.
  • The two entered the tilt and Ed threw off his adikey while Dick put the kettle over.
  • First he would tell Ed a paragraph of tradition, and Ed would translate it to me.
  • Bessie had a veil and pink roses and smilax and Ed Haskins hired three carriages for the day.
  • During this brief introduction, Sam and Ed had been eyeing each other with half concealed grins.
  • Joe and Bob and Ed will stay by the train and keep shooting off their guns, to cow the passengers and trainmen while we get in our work.
  • Some English words ending in "ing" and "ed" may be used either as participles or as simple adjectives.
  • You can have some fun at a hunting deer and foxes around Flamburgs and Ed Wilkisun's.
  • The preterit singular and past participle of Class I end in -ede and -ed, or -de and -ed respectively.
  • A full hour before sunset Dick and Ed, in high good humour at the prospect of the holiday they had planned, arrived at the river tilt.
  • Bill and Ed had met since they came to their trails in the fall, and the two friends were as glad to see each other as though they had been separated for years.
  • For he did not believe that even their affiliation with Broderick and Pollard would have held the Kid and Ed back from their vengeance now.
  • Father would be relieved from the burden of supporting me, for he does not need my assistance now, the farm is so small, and Ed is growing old enough to do all my work.
  • When Will and Ed regained their feet and looked through the dust which was rising over the scene, they saw that there was no longer any cavern in view.
  • The party was met just beyond the illumination of the fire by Will and Ed, who greeted their chums with such cordiality that a rather perilous situation was at once suspected.
  • Christmas fell on Wednesday that year, and Bill brought word that Dick and Ed were coming up to spend the day with him and Bob.
  • Bob and Ed each took an axe to cut into suitable lengths some of the plentiful dead wood lying right to hand, while Dick whittled some shavings and started the fire.
  • It gave Bob a thrill of pleasure when he thought of meeting Dick and Ed and proudly exhibiting his fur to have them examine and criticise the skins and compliment him.
  • At a Thanksgiving Day barbecue not even a mountain sheriff would ask questions, and Ed Banks, though present, respected the holiday truce.
  • The two members of the Fox patrol, Sam White and Ed Hannon, traveled with the boys as far as Portland.
  • Early on Sunday evening, Dick and Ed and Bill Campbell came over in their boat from Kenemish, where they had spent the previous night.
  • No answering shots came for a moment, however, for Will and Ed were at that moment some distance away from the place where their automatics had been thrown after having been taken from Cameron and Fenton.
  • Bob's share of the furs that he had trapped himself he very generously insisted upon giving to Dick and Ed and Bill.
  • Then round sticks of wood, for rollers, were placed under it, and while Dick and Ed hauled, Bob and Bill pushed and lifted and kept the rollers straight.
  • This would bring Dick and Bill together on the following Friday night and Bob and Ed would each be alone, one at either end of the series of trails and more than a hundred miles from his nearest neighbour.
  • Thirty-five a week, steady as you make 'em; and when they put in girls to work down at the munitions-plant where him and Ed works, Ed said it was all they could do to keep him from throwing up his job from fright.
  • All the other verbs belonging to Class I. add -de for the preterit and -ed for the past participle.
  • The very day after that, Mullins and Duff and Ed Moore, and Pete Glover and the judge got Will Harrison, the harness maker, to go out without any formality on the lake on the pretext of fishing.
  • It was quite in keeping with what he knew that Jimmie's note had been written at the instigation of Kid Bedloe himself and that he was to be led out here where Kid Bedloe and Ed might be in waiting for him.
  • In a few minutes the fire was roaring and Ed thawing out and drinking hot tea as he basked in the blaze, while Dick chopped fire-wood and Bob and Bill unloaded the boat and put up the tent and made it snug for the night.
  • Off Today,' and he wrote a poem on it and all Manhattan sat up and welcomed him as a peerless realist; and dear old Dean Williams compared him to Tolstoy and Ed.
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