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  • There is also a garage with first class cars and experienced chauffeurs for hire.
  • Once there he inquired for a physician, and an old and experienced man was recommended to him.
  • You must remember that we old fellows are not so wise and experienced as our youngers and betters.
  • At the very outset of ripe and experienced manhood the whole thing ends in failure.
  • Now the dervish was a holy man, and experienced in prophecies and the signs of the stars.
  • She opened them, and experienced a little thrill at seeing him nearer and plainer.
  • Besides, had we not the advantage of most eminent, acute, and experienced counsel?
  • He realized it, and experienced a sudden calm: testifying to the positive pardon.
  • In the afternoon the patient felt well, and experienced a great appetite, in which he indulged.
  • The officer commanding, an old and experienced soldier, soon ceased these useless sorties.
  • But in your play I am amazed to find the touch of the professional and experienced playwright.
  • With all his force Sheen hit out, and experienced a curious thrill as his fist went home.
  • Nanda, the last king of the Nanda line, had for his minister the able and experienced Rakshasa.
  • I could still tell you a great deal, my dear Master, of what I have seen and experienced!
  • And our budding grandmother beheld, and experienced flutterings of the bosom at his manly achievements.
  • Six men with such a willing and experienced cannon could yet hold eloquent converse with their enemy.
  • She saw he thought she had taken it for herself, and experienced relief in the consciousness of unjust punishment.
  • Her worldly wisdom, which he had found so baffling, was that of the skilled and experienced adventuress!
  • On the succeeding day my patient went down stairs and disturbed the eschar, and experienced more pain.
  • As soon as it was dark the foot-soldiers embarked in the boats, which were provided with trusty and experienced boatmen.
  • An aeroplane will live in any wind and a lifeboat in any sea, but they both want good and experienced men at the tiller.
  • He was a man, with a man's trained tenacity of purpose and experienced quickness of resource.
  • Our outfit is very light, only one wagon, and our driver is a thoroughly capable and experienced man.
  • He could not deny his own culpability; but he had felt all along that a nature like his was as wax in such unscrupulous and experienced hands.
  • The reason is evident to those who have lived among Germans and experienced their unaffected hospitality.
  • All this, it has been urged by many sailors, is a much more complicated and experienced business than the mere flying of an aeroplane.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Experienced | And Experienced Sentence

  • Head master and experienced matron.
  • She is vigorous and experienced in travel.
  • Sir John was an able and experienced man.
  • Of course the sage and experienced Rook was referred to.
  • In this work they are assisted by able and experienced architects.
  • The world had witnessed and experienced much the last few years.
  • His quick and experienced eye judged distances better than that of his chum.
  • He was a brave leader, and the troops under him were seasoned and experienced.
  • At dawn the expedition got under way and experienced the labor of a bad road.
  • I know of one, skillful and experienced, who is just now at leisure.
  • All were picked men, hardy and experienced, and for the most part young.
  • Quirk, Tag-rag, and even the astute and experienced Gammon himself.
  • The clever and experienced Count Szogyenyi was at the helm in Berlin.
  • Thetford's brother, a wary and experienced trader, was to be the supercargo.
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