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  • And finally the jury came in.
  • And finally the court opened.
  • Medially and finally generally remains.
  • And finally he did as the bells told him to do.
  • And finally his own vigil was rewarded.
  • And finally to get away with his treasure.
  • And finally he found it possible to smile.
  • Allison squinted and finally nodded his head.
  • I would have been truly and finally dead.
  • Industries would then be financed and finally bought up.
  • It is rolled into sheets and finally granulated.
  • He did this for hours and finally caught one.
  • And finally she brought his pipe and filled it for him.
  • And finally they dropped it and broke its neck.
  • She is then sick or worse and finally is dead.
  • Repeats this several times and finally escapes.
  • He began to temporize and finally backed out.
  • They crowded on and finally found their seats.
  • And finally, the world forgot it.
  • He gathered an armful and finally returned to the sled.
  • She stammered, and finally she stormed.
  • So we held on, and finally he turned to me.
  • She continues her way and finally reaches ocean.
  • This worried him, and finally alarmed him.
  • And finally the line ran into the base of the hill.
  • The contractor hesitated and finally nodded surlily.
  • The police were at last revenged, and finally.
  • And, finally, what of home?
  • We looked and finally found them, dead.
  • Then comes the flower, and finally the fruit.
  • And finally the little dog slept in the hot sunshine.
  • She turned it over and over, and finally broke the seal.
  • He plead and cried, and finally prayed.
  • The ravines we skirted and finally got up onto the ridge.
  • Pete tried on several hats and finally selected one.

How To Use And Finally In A Sentence?

  • Later it was burned, and finally restored in 1843.
  • And finally the gendarme said he knew a hero-song.
  • And, finally, there was duty.
  • Fraser reasoned and remonstrated, and finally threatened.
  • I visited them all, and finally selected three of these.

Definition of And Finally

(idiomatic, journalism, colloquial) A light news story reserved for the end of a bulletin when there is a lack of more important items; typically involving animals or other features supposed to be amusing.
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