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How To Use And France In A Sentence?

  • In a minute more his head had fallen into the gory basket, and France was avenged.
  • While your servants fall butchered, and France rises round you in a tide of blood!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And France | And France Sentence

  • He had interposed between them and France.
  • But to remove himself from her and France was to die.
  • And France was charged with carrying out this operation.
  • Dumouriez was triumphant, and France was saved.
  • They went, and put him there; they and France at large.
  • Savoy and France, war declared, 520.
  • I had lost a great friend, and France a great patriot.
  • He knew what was happening in England and France.
  • The race-course is similar to those in England and France.
  • Steam cars come chiefly from America and France.
  • They are fanatics, and France is their Allah.
  • England and France had no causes of friction within Europe.
  • Ireland, too, and France and Spain.
  • One and all, they must choose between England and France.
  • No doubt there are exceptions, as Russia and France.
  • In Russia and France they face a similar state of affairs.
  • We stand to-day in a forced war with Russia and France.
  • The French shall die, and France become a waste.
  • Modeen in Great Britain and France.
  • Spain had joined the United States and France in the war.
  • Why should Germany be an Empire and France a Republic?
  • Lord North and America reappear in Burke and France.
  • The shortest is from North America to England and France.
  • Joan the Maid: Deliverer of England and France.
  • General visited Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and France.
  • Her footing in Italy, Russia, Belgium and France was firm.
  • England and France and all other countries had the same sad experience.
  • England and France have now laid this duty squarely at our door.
  • This is how matters have been made to stand between us and France.
  • England and France are connected by a loaded submarine cable.
  • Germany was prepared, and France was unprepared for the conflict.
  • England soon followed her example and France was at peace with the world.
  • For yourself, you will be killed and France be covered with dishonour.
  • Belgium and France have lost millions of acres of productive land to the enemy.
  • But no other ~maitresse en titre~ had ruled him and France since then.
  • How they were multiplied in Spain and France we have seen in detail.
  • His share in the battles in Germany and France was insignificant.
  • This continent is just as important to England and France as it is to us.
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