And Gave In A Sentence

How To Use And Gave In A Sentence?

  • Murk grinned and gave a proper order.
  • Sidney stepped up to the bed and gave his hand.
  • The captain grinned and gave up the ghost.
  • She glanced that way and gave an exclamation.
  • That supplied the motive and gave me the lead.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Gave | And Gave Sentence

  • Then he shrugged and gave it up.
  • He went at once and gave himself up.
  • Steven caught it and gave it to him.
  • You came back and gave yourself to me.
  • She rose and gave him her hand.
  • Deborah looked and gave a moan.
  • Harriet reached down and gave her a hand.
  • And gave me right to pride.
  • I called her to me and gave her some sweetmeat.
  • The rope strained and gave.
  • Whereupon she rose and gave him more room.
  • Filched from the gods and gave to mortals.
  • But he certainly got it and gave it.
  • He moistened his finger and gave it to him.
  • Gave them work and gave them food.
  • He turned and gave orders.
  • Rankine went out with them and gave an order.
  • Jory sighed and gave up reading.
  • Lawrence secured a paper and gave it to him.
  • He took out the paper and gave it to her.
  • She sat down and gave herself up to reflection.
  • He took them from their peg and gave them to her.
  • I returned and gave the news.
  • She broke it off the tree and gave it to me.
  • And gave them salutation haughtily.
  • I sat down again and gave myself up to meditation.
  • Patrice went up to him and gave a start.
  • She went on eating and gave no sign.
  • Soon the people calmed down and gave all they could.
  • Aurora called back her attention and gave it to them.
  • And he bowed his head and gave up the ghost.
  • I flipped it over and gave her a shove at the same time.
  • All rose and gave him three cheers.
  • He was trying to save him and gave him water.
  • Prale stepped forward and gave his name.
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