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  • Citizens and lawmakers passed there by twos and groups and sometimes crowds to gaze upon it.
  • Ambitious chieftains and groups of Radicals blocked and thwarted him at every turn.
  • They were all talking and listening alternately, in pairs, trios, and groups of every size.
  • In the late afternoon the crowd strolled in couples and quartettes and groups up and down the picturesque place.
  • Its essential feature is that it recognizes the validity of all entities and groups about which deep feeling has grown up.
  • The psychology of individuals and groups shows startling differences in the kind and vividness of imagery.
  • There were dogwoods throwing themselves across everything; and groups of maples and beeches struggling with each other.
  • They came forward in couples and groups, and proffered their twelve dollars and asked for membership.
  • As different people and groups competed for authority, narratives began to be used to gain advantage.
  • Smaller animals live in villages and groups of various kinds, and those of the same species are often helpful to each other in many ways.
  • It would bring the teacher into an acquaintance with several important families and groups of children, under the most favorable circumstances.
  • Only half a dozen were in that first group, but other groups followed, and groups are still following.
  • The life of savages changes and advances with extreme slowness, and groups of savages influence one another but little.
  • In the nesting season many of both sexes perch together in the same tree, and groups tend to keep together as they forage.
  • This spectacle afforded much interest to some three dozen maidens clustered in pairs and groups on the front steps and on the wide veranda.
  • The whole pueblo country is covered with the remains of single rooms and groups of rooms, put up to meet some immediate necessity.
  • The clear and brimming river reflected the marginal flowers and groups of trees, while acres of marsh shone with the yellow iris flowers.
  • The rational philosopher proceeds from the many to the few; he groups and groups again, until the wide, fundamental laws have been attained.
  • It was not until then that Miki caught glimpses of the hordes of beasts fastened in ones and twos and groups in the edge of the clearing.
  • Large figures, and groups of figures, fill the whole window, and the existence of mullions is disregarded in the execution of the design.
  • This crowded mass of figures is divided into nine several parts, all the figures and groups having room enough to move, and to spare.
  • The evening was advanced; festive music broke from the brightly-lighted forest-house, and groups of company were scattered over the garden walks.
  • These cells soon begin to arrange themselves into layers and groups, which, step by step, develop the different tissues and organs of the body.
  • The roads became crowded again, with vehicles, horsemen, footmen, and groups of soldiers, all traveling in the same direction.
  • The last audience had dispersed, but around and near the Wonderland a great many persons and groups loitered or strolled along leisurely.
  • With infinite care he molds and groups the musical factors which are his working forces, and of which he has both an intuitive and a practical knowledge.
  • From the British front the country seemed a dead-flat plain studded with the head-gear of pits and groups of small houses, and seamed with roads.
  • The moment such a general position is assumed there arise sundry difficulties in the application of naturalistic principles to special interests and groups of facts.
  • Objects a couple of miles off are brought near, and groups of men can be photographed at such distances as prevent them assuming any posing attitudes.
  • The artificiality of the fabric became apparent enough as soon as ambitious individuals and groups of malcontents concerted measures to mold it into a likeness of reality.
  • These several mountain ranges and groups of ranges appear to have diverse geological structure, but their histories are by no means thoroughly understood.
  • But the hillsides were taking on an emerald tint, and groups of cows were wandering about as if patiently waiting for the grass to grow into nibbling length.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Groups | And Groups Sentence

  • Solitary figures and groups lounged along them.
  • Voices dropped and groups dissolved when he appeared.
  • One sees such groups and groups of pleasant people.
  • Little flocks and groups of people begin plodding across the square.
  • Already work had begun, and groups of men were filing past under their packs.
  • He is full of spirit, and groups his little characters with fine art.
  • The singles, couples and groups stopped in midflight coitus to applaud.
  • Homer and Hesiod, 750 B.C., allude to a few stars and groups.
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