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  • They are all small and grow in groups.
  • Sow and grow them like broccoli.
  • You had better remain here and grow strong.
  • May this luminous exemption but grow and grow!
  • Truth must grow and grow rapidly.
  • Rollins seemed to shrink and grow older before their eyes.
  • Suddenly his face appeared to tighten and grow thin.
  • They are somewhat fleshy and grow upon wood.
  • Then every thing begins again to live and grow.
  • Others will last long and grow better to the last.
  • They live and grow mightier as years roll on.
  • I sob in it, and grow weak.
  • Let us consider these advantages and grow cheerful.
  • And grow old as all earthly women must.
  • I think of that, and grow weak.
  • Love then, and grow fair and agreeable.
  • Well, long may you flourish and grow!
  • A chance to study and learn and grow the way she wants to.
  • The minutes beat fast, and grow into hours.
  • Eat, drink and grow fat for tomorrow they die.
  • She told him, seeing his face set and grow rigid.
  • All pomp in time must fade, and grow to nothing.
  • We must "wake up" and grow the best varieties.
  • All I want to do is to sleep and grow and breathe.
  • Drink, then," he said; "drink and grow wise.
  • SHE will never go bad and grow big!
  • Chinese chestnuts are not entirely hardy and grow very slowly.
  • I'll give up the stage and grow cabbages.
  • Amun will permit your soul to occupy and grow in your mummied body.
  • In this way the evil tends to perpetuate itself and grow worse.
  • And thus it was that my mediumship continued to develop and grow in perfection.
  • Bad in themselves, they likewise extend and grow into habits.
  • We two are things that change and grow and alter all the time.
  • The room seemed to whirl and grow dark as she finished reading.
  • Women's hair should be black and grow in heavy waves.
  • Now men live upon it and cut streets in it and grow crops on it.
  • And if so, what a stimulus to labor and grow rich was in the thought.

How To Use And Grow In A Sentence?

  • There were to be no years for him to change and grow and so loveliness came with him.
  • You cannot stuff your minds with the lives of saints and grow good on the stuffing.
  • Manners are factitious, and grow out of circumstance as well as out of character.
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