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  • Blood was shed, and heads opened.
  • Bottles were quickly emptied, and heads as quickly filled.
  • Each dog receives two or three salmon backs and heads.
  • Now then, young ladies, please, elbows in and heads up!
  • The jars and heads of the slain take themselves to his home.
  • Twelve thrilling tones made souls tremble and heads bow down.
  • There was a commotion among the guests and heads were turned toward the door.
  • Lintels and heads must be well and solidly bedded in mortar, at proper heights.
  • But horns and heads heaved up over the mound of animals Calhoun had shot.
  • But horns and heads heaved up over the mound of animals Calhoun had shot.
  • Hagen and Walthari become the heroes and heads of the Hunnish army.
  • Red piles the pulp of hearts and heads And little children's hands.

How To Use And Heads In A Sentence?

  • Some stood midside in the water, some with only the line of their backs and heads above it.
  • The faces around him cleared gradually and heads began to nod in comprehending consent.
  • Partridges roost on the ground, and sleep with tails tucked together and heads outwards.
  • Their hands and heads alone were free, and were of the green or black shades of putrid flesh.
  • For he is in an evil rage, and heads are as nothing to him when he rageth, as thou knowest.
  • A good many working women lived there, the better paid shop girls and heads of departments.
  • I look up, and they turn their eyes and heads in quick embarrassed motion, not meeting my eye.
  • With divers other Principles and Heads of their damnable and erronious Doctrine.
  • On irrigated raised beds endive is sown around August 1 and heads by mid-October.
  • A legend avers that it is haunted by monsters having the bodies of men and heads of beasts and birds.
  • I had obtained permission to make certain scientific tests with the bodies and heads of those who perished on the scaffold.
  • Then he taught him a magic incantation by means of which he could make his arms and heads visible or invisible as he chose.
  • I chose some bodies and heads in a haphazard fashion, while the remainder were thrown into a common grave.
  • Above him, the windows of the room that was always to be ready and waiting were broad and bright and heads were visible against them.
  • Finally they rolled up in their blankets, feet toward the fire and heads close together and simulated sleep.
  • Our conversation was now interrupted by the clatter of feet on the gallery stairs, and heads began to appear over the wooden parapet.
  • A certain quantity of able hands and heads being placed at our disposal, what shall we most advisably set them upon?
  • Hundreds of shots were now fired from all quarters, and heads that had been seen flitting behind the various portholes instantly disappeared.
  • The bison are fine to look at, with their extraordinarily large chests and heads, out of all proportion to the rest of their bodies.
  • The kites are dainty feeders and discard the larger and less digestible parts such as wings, legs, and heads.
  • Strange-looking fellows with human bodies and heads of horses came rushing toward the enchanted turret, and seized its prisoners.
  • For ten minutes we keep well behind the hounds, with a tight rein and heads bent to avoid the hanging oak limbs.
  • After the blossoms have passed away, the dried stems and heads remain standing all over the hills, shaking out the little gray seed in abundance.
  • As upright as poplars, chests well forward and heads thrown back, their souls seemed to speak out of their inflexible determination to win.
  • On cold scenting days, with a ringing fox, this crowd keeps on until nearly dark, and heads many a fox.
  • When we arrived at the theater, many in the audience recognized Cleveland and heads were constantly turning in the direction of our box.
  • Often the three sat up side by side on the edge, white breasts shining in the sun, and heads turning every way with evident interest.
  • And over the land your seed shall spring up and grow, and have good stalks and many flowers, and have good wide leaves and heads of good seeds.
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