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  • Others are frosty and highly technical.
  • Its procedure is ample and highly democratic.
  • These belts are very costly and highly thought of.
  • This is a very modern and highly civilized conception.
  • He was loved and highly esteemed by all that knew him.
  • Many thanks for your kind and highly appreciated letter.
  • Garry found his plans indefinite and highly romantic.
  • The outer coat is smooth and highly polished.
  • The report was a plausible and highly colored one.
  • A keen and highly-trained ear is the only requisite.
  • She was interesting and refined, and highly educated.
  • They were on pink paper, and highly scented.
  • Everything was cooked well, and highly seasoned.
  • The family was wealthy, influential and highly respected.
  • Crystalline, of course, in structure and highly complex.
  • She was a Christian and highly respected in the church.
  • She was bright, witty, cultured and highly educated.
  • Miniature portraits, generally large, and highly finished.
  • Her parents were both very talented and highly imaginative people.
  • China was a voracious and highly profitable market for furs.
  • The pipe was of very fine workmanship and highly polished.
  • The shrinkage of straw is often remarkable and highly disastrous.
  • The result is a small but complete and highly efficient organism.
  • The school is taught by an experienced and highly-reputable teacher.
  • Except that it was definitely uncomfortable, and highly baffling.
  • Any preparation of rosemary forms an agreeable and highly cleansing wash.
  • I was interested in mesmerism in those days, and highly adept.
  • The leading woman who prepared the dance is respected and highly thought of.
  • She is so dearly beloved and highly esteemed, that she can be very happy.
  • But she is a very worthy woman, and highly respected by her friends.
  • She was uneasy and highly strung, but she heard nothing unusual.
  • They knew one another before by character, and highly esteemed each other.
  • I'm forty-four years young and highly temperamentalized.

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  • Two very obvious and highly important advantages would have resulted from such an arrangement.
  • This barge was the most magnificent and highly-ornamented vessel that had ever been built.
  • Most of all they give the impression of being written by a careful and highly gifted artist.
  • His methods were original and highly successful, especially with the very young.
  • Their manner of generation or procreation is exceedingly strange and highly worth observing.
  • Ether is a tenuous and highly elastic substance that fills all interstellar and interatomic space.
  • Much has therefore to be decided by the doubtful and highly technical tests of internal evidence.
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