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How To Use And In A Sentence?

  • I see it again baffled and confounded by the wonders and mysteries of a single atom!
  • I see it rising above all these, and planting itself in the radiant seat of truth.
  • I rejoice in the glory of its triumphs, and am ready to pronounce its empire boundless.
  • They have measured the world, and stretched their line upon the chambers of the great deep.
  • The scheme of necessity originates in a false method, and terminates in a false religion.
  • The manner in which Leibnitz endeavours to reconcile liberty and necessity.
  • The true doctrine of election and predestination consistent with the goodness of God.
  • The Pelagian platform, or view of the relation between the divine and the human power.
  • The little, captious spirit of Voltaire, and other atheizing minute philosophers.
  • The Augustinian Platform, or view of the relation between the divine agency and the human.
  • Section I. General view of the relation between the divine and the human power.
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  • The objections of Dr. Channing, and other Unitarians, against the doctrine of the atonement.
  • It exists because of the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and donations from people in all walks of life.
  • The spirit in which the following work has been prosecuted, and the relation of the author to other systems.
  • It follows the infinite reason, and recognises the almighty power, in their sublimest manifestations.
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  • The Calvinistic scheme of election inconsistent with the impartiality and glory of the divine goodness.
  • Indeed, so great and so obstinate has it seemed, that it is usually supposed to lie beyond the reach of the human faculties.
  • Yet such has been the case with most of the giant intellects that have laboured to reconcile the sovereignty of God and the moral agency of man.
  • The true ground and reason of election to eternal life shows it to be consistent with the infinite goodness of God.
  • The sufferings of the innocent, and especially of infants, consistent with the goodness of God.
  • But this reason, however specious and imposing at first view, will lose much of its apparent force upon a closer examination.
  • The attempts of Calvin and Luther to reconcile the scheme of necessity with the responsibility of man.
  • The sophism of the atheist exploded, and a perfect agreement shown to subsist between the existence of sin and the holiness of God.
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  • The failure of Plato and other ancient philosophers to construct a Theodicy, not a ground of despair.
  • Before I have time to do so, the power and the light which is thus shut out from the world by so pitiful a cause, is revealed in all its glory.
  • The failure of Plato and other ancient philosophers to construct a Theodicy, not a ground of despair.
  • The attempts of Calvin and other reformers to show that the system of necessity does not make God the author of sin.
  • The maxims adopted and employed by Edwards to show that the scheme of necessity does not make God the author of sin.
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Short & Simple Example Sentence For And | And Sentence

  • The true and only foundation of optimism.
  • The importance of harmonizing reason and revelation.
  • The relation between the human agency and the divine.
  • It has never ceased to puzzle and perplex the human mind.
  • The true conclusion from the foregoing review of opinions and arguments.
  • But let us not be dazzled and blinded by the splendour of their achievements.
  • They have weighed the sun, moon, and stars, and marked out their orbits.
  • The notion of Lord Kames and Sir James Mackintosh on the same subject.

Definition of And

As a coordinating conjunction; expressing two elements to be taken together or in addition to each other. | (heading) Expressing a condition. | (Britain dialectal, intransitive) To breathe; whisper; devise; imagine.
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