And Joined In A Sentence

How To Use And Joined In A Sentence?

  • Then he darted across the outer room and joined them.
  • A groom came across from the stables and joined him.
  • Bob hurried into his things with full speed and joined her.
  • He crawled out and joined them, as they came up.
  • It flew off and joined them, and he came home.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For And Joined | And Joined Sentence

  • He walked over and joined them.
  • I turned and joined them.
  • I rose and joined her.
  • Sarella came out and joined them.
  • I walked over and joined them.
  • Why have you not found and joined a gang?
  • Dulcie came down and joined them in the library.
  • So they crossed over and joined the group.
  • The other arose and joined him at the window.
  • I went in and joined the party.
  • We strolled up to the men and joined them.
  • Andy crossed the street and joined them.
  • Gordon rose and joined me at the fireside.
  • Then he came over and joined me for a few moments.
  • I threw on a jacket and joined them at table.
  • Jake leaped from the sled and joined in the search.
  • I ran away and joined the troupe.
  • Henry turned back and joined his comrades.
  • Roy deserted the peace conference at once and joined her.
  • The miller then hastened on and joined his comrades.
  • He repeated the order and joined in the work himself.
  • He paused and joined the apprehensive chatter.
  • I found a camp of tramps and joined with them.
  • She crept to the candles and joined the wicks.
  • Shea dropped his pick and joined the others.
  • She looked up as her father came out and joined her.
  • They handed in their papers and joined her in the corridor.
  • She rose with an air of relief and joined him.
  • Just then some one came up and joined the group.
  • Jake started to his feet and joined his friends.
  • Then she sprang back and joined the throng of spectators.
  • Then he descended very carefully, and joined him.
  • He set the bucket down by the barrel and joined the group.
  • Every soul on the farm turned out and joined in the search.
  • We reentered the house and joined the others at table.
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