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  • And knowing he was a spy!
  • And knowing there is no reason to be afraid.
  • Eliphalet looked mysterious and knowing.
  • There is a difference between feeling and knowing.
  • And knowing that, he tried not to care.
  • That is knowing, and knowing self; that is intelligence.
  • I knew and, knowing, I believed.
  • And knowing the Two, I admit the Whole.
  • And knowing this voice to be the silence itself thou wilt obey.
  • Both feeling and knowing this, who so fit to yield and to do for such a cause?
  • He knew they were poetry; that he could not help seeing and knowing.
  • Perhaps he knew it; and knowing it kept the tighter rein upon desire.
  • Filled with horror, and knowing the consequences of his crime, he fled.
  • She was a courageous girl, quick-witted, and knowing her own mind.
  • And, knowing all this, she made no struggle, and uttered no word.
  • And knowing that made each attempt a little harder for Marquis.
  • And, knowing it, she possessed more than the whole world, and found it enough.
  • And knowing him so well, Elmer hardly needed to ask what was the matter.
  • Heavy work, Dollar, drinking their healths and knowing what was in the air!
  • Men who their duties know, But know their rights, and, knowing, dare maintain.

How To Use And Knowing In A Sentence?

  • Expecting then they were deciding destroying and knowing what they where saying.
  • She being all of that one and suspecting everything and knowing everything is all of one.
  • And knowing that my failure is not all my own fault is not going to make it any easier for me.
  • Each of us kept searching and researching and knowing all the while we would find nothing.
  • It called the blue gander all manner of tender names and vowed he was handsome and knowing.
  • Judgment is the outcome of learning the right way, and knowing that it is the right way.
  • It is never very much to be a baby, to be such a very little thing and knowing nothing.
  • This time she did turn away, and with her light and knowing step plunged into the woods.
  • And very few understanding persons, and none that are learned and knowing, will trust them at all.
  • The habit of meeting well-read and knowing men teaches the art of omission and selection.
  • I merely believed your own words, and knowing the necessity of acting upon them, did so.
  • And knowing them, they afterwards set themselves, with proper appliances, to accomplish them.
  • She glanced round at him again, and, knowing what the look must be, he did not meet it.
  • Stainton took all this for granted and, knowing not what to say in reply, bowed and said nothing.
  • And knowing the Crypt to be only a crypt, its gloom was wonderfully brightened to them.
  • As I was saying every man and every woman was a little baby once and knowing nothing.
  • He was there, and knowing my ignorance as well as I did myself, he also urged me to make a speech.
  • Lucilla made no answer, but Albert immediately assumed the air of a wise and knowing business man.
  • And knowing what I now did, I intended that he should remain secure in that belief.
  • Nelly Legg waited upon them, and knowing the matter occupied many tongues, Raymond spoke to her.
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